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Make the Most of Your Wall Space

Beautifully Unique Home Organization Ideas

Tired of unattractive big box home organization and storage solutions? That's where we come in :) We only source wall organization, storage and shelving pieces that are beautiful, functional and unique—including some that the HH crew designs and makes ourselves! Each piece is super versatile and enhances your home's aesthetic instead of detracting from it like so many other storage solutions. So, let's get creative!


Stunning Brass Hanging Rails

We are obsessed with hanging rails, as they are so simple and take up virtually no space. Plus, their versatility is off. the. charts. You can hang them in basically any room of your home and they'll look great, AND you can use them to organize or store just about anything! Our favorite uses are for pretty cleaning supplies, linens, scarves or hats, and kitchen or bath essentials.


Featured: Brass Finished Hanging Rack with Leather Hooks, Solid Brass Hanging Rail in Small, Medium or Large


Pretty Hanging Hooks and Wall Hooks

You can't have a hanging rail without hooks, and we've found (and made!) so many that we love. We stock something for every style, so there's lots of luxe finishes and different hook sizes and shapes to choose from. We're super partial to our HH-made Leather Loops with Brass Hooks that come in three colors and in three different sizes!

We also have a collection of individual wall hooks, and they're perfect for tucking into small nooks spaces for added utility whether you're hanging your coat, a wall pocket, or a pretty plant. Some of our faves are these beautiful beech wood wall hooks and these gorgeously rustic Handmade Iron Hooks.

Featured: Leather Loop with Small, Medium or Large Brass Hook, Brass Triple Hook, Brass Ring Hook, Set of Four Handmade Iron Hooks


DIY Open Wardrobe Using Our Handmade Leather Straps

Don't have a closet? Or is yours bursting and you need more space? Maybe you just wanna display your favorite capsule wardrobe pieces. Designed by me and crafted by the HH team, we've created beautiful leather hanging straps that pair with dowels so you can make your own customized open wardrobe! You may be familiar with the leather dowel hanging straps we make for displaying plants or other objects. This is the heavy-duty version of that, built to support your fave jeans, tees, cushy sweaters and more!

Featured: Pair of Leather Clothing Rail Hanging Straps (Black, Cognac or Blush), Pair of Cognac Leather Dowel Hanging Straps


All the Beautiful Woven Hanging Baskets!

Paired with hanging rails or just hanging out on their own, we love the rustic natural vibes of our collection of storage baskets. We're obsessed with these bicycle-style ones, that each come with their own rail to support them! We love filling these woven baskets with tea towels and wash cloths, magazines, dried botanicals, scarves and more. They really add so much dimension and visual interest to your space while providing storage, too. PS: try hanging them from these beautiful forged nails!

Featured: Set of Two Rattan Wall Baskets, Wall Hanging Bicycle Basket on Metal Bracket, Wall Hanging Seagrass Wrapped Vase (pictured with the Nu Paulownia Wood Wall Hook)


Luxe Metal Storage Shelves and Baskets

Storage baskets and shelves are anything but boring when they're perfectly designed and beautifully finished in gorgeous metallic tones! It's no surprise to anyone that we have LOTS of brass-finished shelves and baskets. These unique beauties are perfect for adding sleek storage to your bathroom, dressing table and more.

Featured: Around the Corner Metal Corner Shelf, Brass Toiletry Shelf, Brass Wire Shelf, Brass Wire Slender Basket,


Storage Ladders for the Win

Using ladders for linens, plants, books and more is one of our favorite ways to take up vertical space without a large footprint. We love these in any room, from the bedroom for setting out your the next day's outfit, to the bathroom for beautiful towel and beauty product storage, to the living room for displaying your favorite throw blankets, books and plant babies.

If you don't want to waste any floor space at all, check out the Rotating Hanging Towel Bar Rack or the Rustic Swivel Wall Rack hanging racks for towel and linen organization.


Featured: Lena Bamboo Wall Rack, Wooden Ladder Shelf, Kokomo Rattan Floor Shelf


What's your favorite way (or ways!) to organize your stuff while creatively infusing your space with beauty? We wanna see! Show us by tagging us on Instagram @holistichabitatclt

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