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Every Piece Has a Story: Our Michoacán Collection

There were so many reasons for our HH trip to Mexico this February. It was my 40th birthday and I really felt moved to witness the monarch migration—which was a spiritual experience beyond words. And, after a few hard years for all of us on the team, (hello, life AND covid AND political chaos) I wanted to ground HH's future by revisiting our roots: sourcing fair trade, handmade textiles and goods crafted by the world's best artisans—live and in person! Only instead of Guatemala, this time we would journey to Michoacán, Mexico. 

A Legacy of Artisanship

The Lago de Pátzcuaro region of Michoacán is home to the Indigenous Purépecha, who were known for their amazing artisanship BEFORE the Spanish colonized them AND they're still known for it today. (Read our post on the history of Cinco de Mayo for more on this > )

We visited two villages: Pátzcuaro, which is known for textiles, and Santa Clara del Cobre, which is known for coppersmithing. And my goodness, the artisans we met and the pieces we saw were truly incredible.


In Pátzcauro, we picked out so many stunning handwoven textiles: from exquisitely crafted blankets and throws in subtle, earthy hues to bold and colorful aprons impeccably embroidered by hand.


In Santa Clara del Cobre, we nearly lost our minds over the craftsmanship of the copper bowls, pots and utensils—each made of solid copper that's forged, hammered and riveted by hand into perfectly unique functional art pieces.


We deeply value sourcing artisan-made items because each piece tells the story of the craftsperson who made it and the culture they belong to—and every piece is truly unique.

It was especially powerful to meet the Purépecha artisans, who have lived and crafted in this area for thousands of years. They survived the unimaginable ugliness of Spanish oppression and continued to create things of immense beauty—a story of incredible resilience we will not forget.

We are beyond honored and grateful to have been able to go on this journey, and are thrilled to share these special pieces with you.




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