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Rachael's Four Fave Cleaning Essentials

Because dirt happens... on the daily!

If you're one of those people who enjoy cleaning, my goodness, more power to you! While I love the feeling of a clean home—a clean kitchen, especially—it oftentimes just feels like a SLOG to keep things grime-free. All those repetitive tasks... woof.

While cleaning supplies alone surely don't solve the problem, I've found that having essentials that I actually enjoy using helps make the daily chore grind more bearable! Here are some of my faves that I use every day!


#1—Magnetic Sink Rail

This piece is by FAR my favorite on the list! It lives in my sink 24/7 and keeps my #2 fave cleaning essential close at hand for wiping up spills, cleaning counters, tabletops and more. It's so nice to have a designated spot for my Swedish dishcloths to hang and dry in between uses.

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#2—Swedish Dish Cloths

In my quest to use fewer paper towels, I rely a TON on these super absorbent cloths! They work way better than paper, too, as I'm sure you already know! I love choosing fun patterns that help brighten up the kitchen, and there's something so satisfying about the way they absorb liquids instantly. 

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#3—Stash Caddy

This modular beauty has been at my sinkside for YEARS now! You can move the sponge caddy to either side of the tray, keeping drips and suds off your counter and your most-used cleaning tools always at the ready.

Shop white or gray, whatever fits your kitchen best!


#4—Apothecary Spray Bottles

I use these for all my cleaning solutions, and their pretty look and uniform shape makes them easy to store AND easy on the eyes! There's definitely something to be said for the benefit of aesthetically-pleasing everyday items. I mix a few of my own cleaners and also buy some, but all end up here!

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