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Pair of Cognac Leather Dowel Hanging Straps

Kristin shared a DIY plant hanger on Instagram with similar straps and a dowel rod. You all couldn't get enough of it... So when we see a need we try our hardest to fill it! We spend a great deal of our time sourcing goods for the shop, but occasionally we get to draw from our "maker" skills and tool bags and put on our artisan hats, which is what we are most passionate about.

Naturally, when we heard that "YOU HAD TO HAVE THEM" I went to work sourcing leather! The leather was sourced locally here in Charlotte, NC along with the brass fittings. With the right tools & supplies, I got to work & made these straps right here in our studio. 

The leather is a natural cowhide and is thick and durable enough to hold the weight of the dowel and whatever you choose to hang from it! We love it as a plant hanger but you may decide it makes a great quilt rack or towel bar! 

The listing is for two straps but does not include the dowel. These are easy to find at your local craft or hardware store and can be cut down to the size that best suits your needs. The dowel photographed is a curtain bar but any wood dowel, copper pipe, or curtain rod will work! 

We love days like these when we get to step back from the computer and live out our passion as creatives! Thanks for loving us as we continue to stay creative & flexible! xo-Rachael


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