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How To Create a Spring Celebration Tablescape

If we had time to create amazing tablescapes on the weekly we'd DEFINITELY do it! There's just something truly magical about elevating your table from everyday to extra special. It makes your guests feel super loved and it miiiight even make the food taste better, too :) 

Here are our tips and how-to's for creating a vibrant and lush centerpiece and tablescape that's perfect for just about any spring celebration! 



Create Your Vision

First, think about the theme and mood you want to create. We went with modern secret garden + luxe bunny vibes—so some classic spring imagery (in gold!) mixed with bold mid-mod hues. What you choose may change based on the fanciness of your gathering or the time of day you'll be hosting.

Second, NOW is the time to think about your tablecloth... whether you go bold or neutral, patterned or solid, it's the backdrop for your entire creation and you want it to match the feel you're going for.

Finally, the best tablescapes feature many layers and details to create the most visual impact—so be mindful of all the ways you could vary texture, color, and height to make something totally amazing!


Create a Stunning Center


When you start with a piece as perfect as this Bunny in the Bush Bowl, it almost feels like cheating! To make this centerpiece, we molded chicken wire and nestled it in the bottom of the bowl for use as a flower frog, then filled the bowl with an assortment of store bought flowers. Voila! Huge impact for small effort.



After creating the centerpiece, we continued to make the rest of the table's center area feel special, choosing both fun and sophisticated pieces that help build on our modern secret garden theme. We added a goldenrod garland down the middle, sprinkled the table with bright taper holders and taper candles of various heights, and also added even more beautiful blooms in vintage-inspired glass vases. The result is a vibrant, texture-rich look that enchants the eye. 



Create Perfect Place Settings

The center may get the most love (it IS fabulous) but the rest of your table is equally as important! Creating beautiful place settings is a wonderful way to make every guest feel extra special. Again, think about layers. We mixed bright spring hues with pops of goldpattern play and multiple textures and textiles to create visual interest, choosing pieces that pair well with our overall vision, of course!  



Time to Celebrate!

Step back and admire your gorgeous work! Then, it's probably time to finish prepping your gourmet spread :) One of our favorite things about home decor is that it allows you to CREATE. Whether you add some of these beautiful new pieces to your table this spring or arrange your current pieces in a new and fresh way, we hope you have so much fun crafting a super special spring table for your family and friends to enjoy!

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