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Holistic Habitat Trend Forecast: All the Patterns For 2019

Happy New Year, friends! We are so excited for a new year of growing, learning, living, and doing ALL the things. According to some sketchy sites, we found on the Internet, one of the most common New Year’s resolutions people make is to be more spontaneous. But what does that mean, really? It means whatever you want it to mean. Spontaneity could be as simple as brainstorming a new breakfast creation in your kitchen because you ran out of avocados for your toast, or it could be as wild as quitting your job and buying a one-way ticket to Hawaii. Was it just us thinking of that? Whatever.

In the world of home decor and creating that perfect space, spontaneity means throwing patterns into your home and adding a dash of fun. Using patterns in your home can be as easy as a new throw pillow or as daring as adding a patterned accent wall. Whatever you may decide to do to incorporate some patterned pieces into your home, we’ve created a list of the best pattern trends coming up in 2019, and Y'all, they are CUTE. From starry to safari, there are a ton of different ways to show your personality, eye for design, and trendiness with patterns


1. Celestial Vibes

Horoscope readers, rejoice! Continuing in from 2018, stars, planets, and constellations are still IN. These patterns work especially well in children’s nurseries and studies. Creating a star-themed accent wall in a nursery is incredibly easy and creates a world of difference; all you have to do is absolutely splatter that wall in star-shaped decals. The variety of celestial-themed accent pieces you can find is endless, but we think that the best pieces to focus on are abstract lamps and, for a nursery, a beautiful and intricate mobile, just like our Moon & Stars Brass Mobile. The spacey colors are super soothing for little ones, and you don’t have to sacrifice your home’s aesthetic by pastel-washing the room. Milkway teals, moony grays, and ethereal golds and silvers pair perfectly with
fiery pinks and buttery yellows.

moon & Stars brass mobile

Moon and Stars Mobile 

Design by Alisberg Parker Architects

@OH.EIGHT.OH.NINE Via Instagram

2. Joyful Aesthetic

For all of you filling your Pinterest boards with inspirational quotes, wouldn’t you rather fill a wall with them instead? Okay, so this is less of a pattern, but we think that the happy vibes deserve their day in the sun. We love when a neutral room has a couch section that just sort of explodes. The right combination of prints and wall decor pieces is what turns a sitting room into a LIVING room (Also, you’ll totally want to Instagram it.) If houses were people, we think the living room would be the heart, and your heart deserves to be in tip-top shape. As the centerpiece of your home, a living room is where family, friends, and any other guests will gather, and it’s your time to express what you want your home to radiate. Bright colors and a variety of patterns can end up looking like a Pottery Barn catalog threw up, but curating a “vibe” and a color scheme that lights up your living room will completely transform the space. The main thing you want to think about is: How do I want my home to make others feel? Loved? Maybe try some reds, pinks, and feminine patterns. Happy? Try some yellows, oranges, blues, and literally just go nuts with patterns until something works. Peaceful? Keep the decorations more minimal by putting one big print or sign of some sort of mantra up on
the wall.

@sunwoven via Instagram

@claytonmakes via Instagram 

@glitterguide via Instagram

3. Boobs (We’re Serious)

Tits, melons, ta-ta’s, or our favorite, chimichangas (thank you, Sofia Vergara), we all love our boobs. And boobs are pretty cool. In a space like a bathroom, boobs and other feminist decor makes you feel like your personal space is a true home for you... PERSONAL space. Bathmats and shower curtains are the perfect place to showcase a little love for your body, and as long as your parents aren’t coming for dinner, there’s no harm in having a little booby-ridden throw pillow in your living room. If you like the idea of incorporating your feminism into your decor, but straight-up drawings of boobs aren’t your thing, brilliant designers have come up with brilliant ways to bring feminism into your home more subtly. For example, fruit patterns like papayas and watermelons can represent other... anatomical parts without saying, “Hey! There are tits on my pillows!” Flowers are another great way to symbolize, well, blooming, as they say.

Our personal favorite @rosegrown via Instagram

Coming soon to Holistic Habitat for Spring 2019

Coming soon to Holistic Habitat for Spring 2019

From Confetti Riot 

Coming Soon to Holistic Habitat Spring 2019

Image Via the maker Thelulubird

4. Wilding Out: Faux Only

Animal prints left us for a hot minute, but now they’re back! We’re getting more outlandish with our animals, and cheetah prints have fallen to the back of our mind. Zebra, snow leopard and tiger are the hottest prints right now, and they add a wild side to any room in the house. We love animal prints in living rooms and dining rooms. A great way to center any room is by adding a fantastic rug, and our new Regal Tiger Rugs can do that in the spiciest way possible. We love the looks of animal prints with rich reds to bring the heat of the jungle to life or with earthy greens to showcase the tranquility of nature. A big rule with animal prints: Do not overdo it. You really only need one animal-printed piece in a room to make it noticeable; too much else is just a lot to take in and starts to give off more of a “Jungle Book” vibe.

Regal Tiger Rug

Coming Soon to Holistic Habitat Spring 2019

Abstract Brushed Bronze Horse Planter/Vase

Wool Zebra Bust

All in all, you should always follow your heart when you're decorating your own interiors. We believe you should only have things that you feel connected to and that has a story for you. We curate the worlds most beautiful decor for you and we do it ethically so you know that what you buy from us has a purpose and a story. 


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