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5 Cute Planters You Need In Your Home


If you’re new around here, we absolutely love plants.

Of course, you’ve probably noticed that already. We do have a lot of plants in our pictures on social media, in our product shots, etc.

For us, a big part of making our habitat holistic is including some live greenery (and some fake greenery too, we’ve killed our fair share of plant babies). But having live plants in your domain has a lot of benefits for you, and we’ve also found air plants, which are so easy to take care of and have helped with the whole plant murderer vibe we had for a bit. Those things are basically indestructible – in fact, they might be the only things to survive a nuclear apocalypse alongside cockroaches. We talk about how you can take care of air plants.

Here are 5 of our favorite, unique planters in stock right now.

#1: Clay Funnel Pots

Our funnel pots are possibly one of our most popular items, and it’s easy to see why. We have these beauties all over in our home as well.

We have a few different options in our Urban Greenhouse collection, but right now we’re obsessing over this set of 3 that we found not too long ago. It is so cute, plus it's narrow so you can easily put it up against a wall or in small spaces.

Good things come in threes, and we’re willing to bet that definitely applies to plants and planters.



#2: Elijah Earthy Hand Molded Elephant Planter

Did you hear us squeal for joy when we found this cutie? If not, we’re surprised. How precious is this thing?!

Elephants have been all the rage for a bit now, and we’re happy to jump onboard that band wagon because elephants are the coolest animal like ever (except for maybe our dogs, but we’re just a bit biased).

This little guy is perfect for tiny succulents or small air plants, and he’s bound to dress up any shelf you might have. He can really help add a little fun to the earthy, greenhouse vibe you’re going for! 

#3: Perfect Couple Ceramic Hanging Face Pots

Pretty much every inch of our home is covered in plants. So much so we’ve started to run out of space.

That’s where cute hanging planters come in. This pair is so unique – we love the face details on the design and the ceramic finish on them. They hang from jute string with large ceramic beads at the top for a little pop of color!

We adore hanging planters of all types – they’re great for when you don’t have shelf space near a window but have a plant that needs a lot of natural light. And they’re great when you, like us, get a little too plant obsessed and run out of space.

#4: Black & White Jute & Leather Potting Bag Small

Already have a planter but kind of sick of looking at it? Potting bags can really help in that situation (or for when you’re just looking to add some texture to the room).

What we possibly love most about the potting bags we carry in our Urban Greenhouse collection (including this one) is the versatility of it. You can set your nursery planters right inside to help dress up your plants a bit (we recommend lining it with plastic as the bags come lined with linen only).

You can also easily make this a hanging planter for your space because it comes with a pretty strong loop. And, if you just love this but don’t want to use it for plants, it makes a super cute storage spot for some smaller items like remotes and coasters in your living room!

#5: Round Glass Hanging Succulent Terrarium

We’re a sucker for a succulent terrarium. I mean, how awesome are these things?! It’s like having your own little fairy forest in your kitchen (or wherever you put yours).

The best part? You don’t have to worry about which plants will look best together or how you actually set your terrarium up. We’ve got a “crazy plant lady spiritual guide” named Kelly and she is a succulent terrarium expert. Seriously.

This means every succulent terrarium you order here is handmade and unique to you. She will send ya all the goods to create your own terrarium treasure! Don’t have any more space in your home for a succulent terrarium? You’re in luck: this one is pretty small, AND it’s a hanging terrarium. That’s a pretty big win-win for our plant lovers out there.

See all of our planters here!

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