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Decorating with Plants


Plants: You know them, you love them, but you’re not quite sure how to bring them into your home in a stylish way. But, breaking news: Plants were the only home decor that the cavemen had, and thousands of years later, we should be able to do ‘em up a little better, right? 

Kristin's Urban Greenhouse Backdrop. 

The cool thing about plants is that they can work in any room; the variance comes from which plants you choose and how you display them. So while plants are super easy to incorporate, you have to be careful with what you’re picking out. For example, cacti are basically statement pieces in the decorating world, so putting a whole-ass cactus in an already busy room might just betoo much. (Also, if you already have hella patterns and stuff goin’ on, the chances of running into said cactus can escalate. Trust us. We know.) But the great thing about plants is how much they can add to a room. Each plant baby you incorporate into your home brings new colors, new patterns, and more essence; you can design an entire space around just a few plants, and likewise, a few coordinating plants can fit into almost any color scheme or array of patterns. To avoid making any easy-to-make mistakes, we came up with some helpful tips for helping you style a room with your plant babies in mind.

A couple of Rachael's many Urban Greenhouse arrangements.

Ditch the Accent Wall; Get a Big Ass Plant

Plants can work as a statement piece in neutral rooms. Plants with big leaves and cacti are generally the go-to when looking for plants like these, but we also love the look of hanging plants with long, delicate strands. Mixing up a few hanging plant holders in a cluster (of odd numbers) can bring a lot of life and light to any space, and they add depth to a classic, neutral living room. If giant plants aren’t your thing, an immediate way to create a focal point in a room is to have standing planters of varying levels. This way, you can keep your cute little succulents and other baby-sized plants, but you still get thedrama of a statement plant.


D.R.A.M.A. for a lot less work and money vs painting a whole wall.

No paint needed here! Photo @justinablakeney via Instagram  

Plants Can Be SEXY

Okay, so the headline is pretty stupid, but our point here isn’t: Plants do not have to be inside of boring planters. They do not have to be in solid-colored planters. Plants can look freaking cool. Depending on what room you’re styling, give your plants some personality by putting them in a fun planter. For kids’ rooms, animal-shaped planters are super cute, and it takes away that “serious” connotation that plants seem to come with. However, we kind of like the idea of having a little bit of sophistication in a kid’s room; after all, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice your home’s aesthetic for one room, so we think a grown-up plant with a playful planter is a perfect balance. (Also, your kids will grow up with good taste and probably stay out of trouble because they have plants in their rooms, right?) But the fun doesn’t have to stop in kids’ rooms; there are tons of options for eclectic and personable planters that will add personality to any space in your home. We think that they work best in smaller spaces like bathrooms, bedrooms, and studies -- rooms where you and your family members have your personal times. Spaces that you spend a good amount of time alone in are the most in need of pieces that speak to your personality, and planters are a perfect place to start.


Image from @elisabethrosevia Instagram of our Funnel Pots

Our handmade planter bags.


Our Ombre Desert Stoneware Planter

 Faux it Up

We’re just gonna say it: Some people are plant killers. It’s okay; we get it, but your plants don’t. “How do I have pretty greenery when I can’t keep the damn thing alive?” you ask, and to you, we say, “FAKE. PLANTS.” No, it’s not a new concept, but it IS one that is often stigmatized as for lazy people only. Not true. Keeping plants alive takes some work! And it becomes a priority in your home life, also:  it’s something that a lot of say “I ain’t got time for that”. Faux plants can be kept in cute and pretty planters just like the real thing, but you don’t have to do all the work, which is awesome. BUT if you’re still wanting to have the benefits of plants (like, ya know, air purification) and the aesthetic that they bring, air plants are the way to go. We LOVE air plants because they’re gorg and super low-maintenance -- like no dirt required low-maintenance. Air plants are also unique, and they look amaze on your wall in fun baskets. Basically, they bring new life into any room without taking over your life. You just soak them once a week and let the dry face down. See our blog post on how to care for air plants here. And because we are JUST LIKE YOU, we kill plants sometimes. So, we're bringing in a few really beautiful faux ones for you this spring....stay tuned. 

Guess which one is fake. Pssst...it's the right one.  

Only one of the plants above is real. 

Having plants in your home can be as creative or as simple as you want it to be, and we think we have a ton of pieces to help you achieve any style that you want. Explore, experiment, and create the perfect vibe for your home with all of Mother Nature’s babies, and send us some pics of how you’ve incorporated plants into your home!

This new Llama planterwants to be the center of attention. 

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