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Natural Pillow & Linen Spray

This Australian Eucalyptus, Peppermint & Rosalina Pillow and Linen Spray is a special blend of essential oils from nature’s most potent stress-relieving and anti-inflammatory botanicals. This biodegradable, non-toxic and eco-friendly plant-based spray offers a safe and natural way to freshen pillows and linen and help promote a restorative night’s sleep. Safe, powerful, plant-based. 

    • Natural Pillow & Linen Spray
    • Kind to your family and the environment
    • Biodegradable, plant-based, never tested on animals, grey water and septic safe
    • NO palm oil, dyes, masking agents, synthetic perfumes, chlorine, bleach, sodium laurel sulphates & phosphates
    • 100% post-consumer waste recycled bottle
    • Made in the USA with Australian essential oils

    We Believe in Giving Back

    We donate 15% of our profits to causes that support social good!