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CLARK'S Oil & Wax Round Applicator | USA Maple Construction

At CLARK’S they love caring for wood. After developing a line of oils, waxes, and soaps specifically designed to revitalize a wide variety of wood products, they began the search for the perfect way to apply our oils and waxes. They found that using paper towels was wasteful, rags were messy, and the (few) products already on the market were low quality and poorly designed.

With our customer’s desire for style, functionality, and solid construction in mind, we developed our round applicator, which is perfect for use on regular-sized wood products. After receiving excellent feedback, they decided to develop a similar applicator for our customers who work with wood on a larger scale. With a recessed sponge, our new large applicator leaves all of your wood products with an even finish and does not catch on pointy edges. Their large block applicator is perfect for use on tabletops, butcher block countertops, butcher block islands, and in commercial culinary facilities.

Made in the USA from hardwood maple, CLARK’s circular applicator is sleek, stylish, and gets the job done! Regardless of the size of your project, we have you covered. Our applicator’s ergonomic handle is designed to fit perfectly in your hand and makes it easy and quick to attain lasting results on a variety of wood products. We hope you enjoy using this applicator as much as we enjoyed designing it!

Although CLARK’S Circular Applicator was specifically developed to work hand-in-hand with the CLARK’S line of products, you can certainly use our applicator with most other brands of wood oils and waxes.

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