Spring Green Basket Wall Instant Collection


We love creating these bohemian basket wall art collections for you. Each basket is hand-picked over a long time while we curate the best of the best for your walls. It's a slow process but we take a lot of joy in making them and knowing we are helping to save things from a landfill. Some are vintage, some are new, but overall they create wonderfully textured art for your walls that always makes us smile. 

This collection has all the fun and depth you could want. We scored the bulk of these beauties in local thrift shops but then found the purple and green swirl on our most recent trip to South Carolina. We knew this would complete a set beautifully. The large basket with the wood handles is a perfect bread basket. I have a basket wall collection on my dining room wall and I literally take baskets off of it to use when we have a crowd. Storage and art, all in one! 

You will receive:

Large wicker basket with wood handles and green stripe 13" Diameter x 3.5" High 

Medium Tear Drop Basket 12" Long x 9" at Widest  x 4.5" Tall

Medium sisal basket with purple and green swirl 9" Diameter x 2.25" High

Small sisal basket with rust, gold and black 4.75" Diameter x 2.5" High

Small reed trivet 7" Diameter x .25" Tall