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GrowFrame Grow Light Forrest Green

From a vertical kitchen garden to bathroom nightlight that illuminates lush ferns, our Growframe provides a grow anywhere solution for your home oasis. A sleek wall-mountable and powder-coated steel frame feature a custom, high-powered, full-spectrum LED grow light that emits natural, white light. 

A Full Spectrum Grow Light for Living Green. 

Light the way to a greener home. Our Growframe is a vital solution for creating a lush vertical plant-scape in sun-deprived spaces. It beautifully frames and thoughtfully nourishes low-to-bright light loving plants. Simply mount, add plants and set the timer. Light is delivered daily to keep your plants happy and brighten your home.

  • - Produces a natural white light with long lifespan LEDs
  • - Supports healthy growth for vegetative, fruiting and flowering plants
  • - 8, 12 and 16 hr timer with a brightness control that fades on and off like dawn and dusk.
  • - Creates an optimal growing environment for living green walls.

Plant pairings are endless! Try ferns, orchids, and calatheas in the bathroom; herbs and leafy greens in the kitchen; air-purifying plants like aloe, English ivy and rubber plant for the living room; and aromatic flora like lavender, chamomile, and sage for the bedroom.


  • Wall-mountable, Powder Coated Steel Frame
  • LED Light with 3-Setting Timer
  • 9V 3A Power Adaptor + 5’ White Cord
  • Hanging Hardware
  • Operation Manual



  • 4000K Natural White Light
  • 92+ CRI Dimmable LEDs
  • 10x More Efficient
  • Average Lifespan 50,000 hrs
  • Size: 20.8” x 17” x 5.5”
  • Weight: 8lbs
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • 100-220v 27W power adapter
  • Made in the USA

Growing Tips
Light Settings: Different plants require different intensities and durations of light to thrive. Select 8 HOURS and adjust the brightness to low-medium intensity for shade and low light plants. Choose 12 HOURS and adjust the brightness to medium-max intensity for partial sun plants. And, use 16 HOURS at max intensity for full sun plants. Air Flow: The Growhouse provides a protective environment, yet many plants benefit from the air flow. It can strengthen their stems and help them stay hearty and upright, which is important when plants are started from seed and need to mature. To encourage air flow, place in a position where plants will receive an occasional slight breeze, whether from a window or a fan. Location: Selecting an ideal indoor location is largely dependent on your preference and the plants you are growing. A sunny window can provide additional light and heat for fruiting and flowering plants or reversely too much heat for low light plants. A bathroom can provide a boost of humidity for water-loving botanicals. A vibrant vertical garden mounted on a wall can finally be achieved with a direct light source for your plants! Watering: Watering frequency is dependent on the plant type. Make sure to factor in the environmental conditions based on the location of the Growhouse (sunlight, heat, humidity). If your planter(s) has a drain hole, make sure you add a tray underneath it to prevent water damage.
How do I set the timer?
Attach the enclosed power adapter to the timer connector and plug the power adapter into a wall outlet. Tap the SET TIMER button to toggle timer setting options. A blue light will illuminate for 10 seconds to indicate what setting is selected. Once the desired setting is selected, tap the INSTANT ON/OFF button to start the Growhouse timer/lights.LEDs will fade on over 4 ½ minutes and stay on for the selected time. At the end of the timer duration, the LEDs will fade out over 4 ½ minutes. The LEDs will stay off for the selected number of hours, and the sequence will repeat at the same time the next day. To temporarily turn off the Growhouse for the day, tap the INSTANT ON/OFF button twice. The Growhouse will turn off and resume the normal timer sequence the next day. To permanently turn off Growhouse, tap SET TIMER button until you reach the TIMER OFF setting.
Plant recommendations?
Options are endless! We like Ferns, Orchids and Calatheas for the bathroom; herbs and leafy greens in the kitchen; air-purifying plants like aloe, English ivy and rubber plant for the living room; and aromatic flora like lavender, chamomile, and sage for the bedroom.
How long does the LED last?
Eco-friendly LEDs use minimal power and have a long life span. They’re rated for 50,000 hours of usage (an average of 12 yrs.) depending on timer settings. LEDs emit little to no heat and have a conformal coating for water resistance and durability.

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