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Worlds Largest Mahogany Mid Century Salad Set

This gigantic vintage mahogany salad bowl set is perfect for your New Year's resolution to eat more veggies. It's also perfect to fit in with your desire to reduce your impact on the environment since this is vintage at it's finest. Saved from the landfill, just for you, it's going to fill all the resolutions for you this year. 

We found this at an estate sale of what I think was a hardcore vegetarian. Either that or she just collected gigantic salad serving pieces. IDK. When I got it home, I washed it and gently rubbed some fractionated coconut oil into the few spots that needed it. Yes, there are some scratches on the bottom but who cares? Use this baby to serve up your kale salad with style and ease. Did you see the size of those cane wrapped servers? I'm pretty sure this thing will feed 12. Have fun with it and send us pics!


  • 19” at Longest x 13” at Width x 3.75” Tall x 2.75” Interior Depth 
  • Serving Spoon is 17” L and 2.75” at the widest. 
  • The fork is 17” long and 2.75” at widest

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