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Vintage Nicaraguan Ceramic Vessel with Pedestal

This hand-thrown ceramic vessel carved and painted in the village of San Juan de Oriente, Nicaragua is another show stopper. Made in a village with a long history of pottery making, it is home to a pottery cooperative and many family-run workshops.

This pre-Colombian nontraditional style pottery uses lead-free colorants. This piece is unusual with the neutral color palette as most pieces from this region are quite colorful. 

The rounded base of the piece settles into the pedestal allowing it to be rotated easily but the vessel itself will not sit without the pedestal. 

  • Vessel is Approx 7.25” H
  • With Base it is Approx 9.25” H 
  • Opening is 3.25” 
  • Diameter at widest is 21” 
  • Base is 1.75” H x 3.75” W

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