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Curtis Jere Vintage Mid-Century Brass Sailboat

We obsess over these pieces of Curtis Jere when we find them. They're hard to find signed! This one is in great vintage condition with some minor scratches on the front of the larger sail. However, it's hard to see them depending upon what you put this on. It changes with the light and that's another reason we love them. These photos are completely unedited (except for cropping) so you may see how it looks with a dark surface reflecting on the sails and a light surface reflecting on the sails. It looks totally different. I took these at with a window to the right for natural light in the early afternoon. 

I found this same piece on the same day I found that amazing bamboo Hyalyn vase. It was a lucky sourcing day! 

This particular piece is anchored to a live edge piece of onyx. These are from the 70s and when you find them, you grab them! 

  • 9” H 
  • approx 6” at widest 
  • base is Approx 2.25” x 2” 

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