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Timber Saw With Sheath

From our friends at Barebones Living, this Timber Saw With Sheath quickly and cleanly cuts smaller pieces of wood at a campsite, removes branches and deadwood, and prunes trees. While traditional hand saws rely on a pull-push motion, the simple curved blade and aggressive teeth of the Timber Saw use a push-strike motion instead for a super effective, safe, and fast cut. The ergonomic and durable walnut handle fits smoothly in your hand for perfect, even pressure and pulling strokes.

  • Timber saw with sheath
  • Ergonomic walnut handle
  • 900 Denier polyester sheath with leather and copper accents
  • Stainless steel belt clip for easy carrying
  • Dimensions:  15.8"L x 1.3"W x 3.5"H


About Barebones Living:

Barebones is about what feeds you. Literally. Figuratively. Soulfully. We’re about food, nature, and the primal pull of the fire––and we supply the inspiration, goods, and guidance to help you revel in them. Creating community. Connecting with the moment, each other, and the food on your plate. Forging relationships. Standing in awe. Being transformed. Around the fire, under the stars. Join us in creating something that changes everything. 

Barebones is a Certified B Corporation leveraging profits and purpose to be a force for good. We focus on creating long term solutions that create a positive impact on our employees, community, and the world.

We Believe in Giving Back

We donate 15% of our profits to causes that support social good!