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Seagrass Vessels on Wire Stands

Looking for some statement pieces with a ton of bang for your buck? Look no further. These two handwoven wire-framed vessels will hold the most glorious botanicals. These babies are tall, lightweight and will be stunning on your covered patio or in the corner of any room that needs a little oomph. We added some packing paper to the bottom from a shipment we received and then placed these palms inside. Alternatively, you could add large branches, trailing vines, large ferns, or up-lights to the bottom. These would also be really cool with some white LED lights inside. Have fun with them! 


Please note: these are all handmade in Honduras in a fair trade workshop so each may have slightly varying dimensions. 

  • Large Vessel on the stand is 44" high from the floor to the top.
  • Large stand is 31.5" H
  • The legs create a triangular-shaped base that is 18” x 18” x 18” base. 
  • Large vessel is 30” H x 14.75” opening 


  • Small Vessel on the stand is 40" High from the floor to the top.
  • Small stand 27” H 
  • The legs create a triangular-shaped base that is 16.5” x 16.5” x 16.5”
  • Small vessel is 30” h x 14.75” opening 
  • Opening on the metal stand for both is 14”

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