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Salvaged Wood Whitewashed Planters Set of 3

Rustic, simple, sturdy and modern all at the same time. We love the clean lines of these salvaged wood planters and we love the varying depth of color from one to the next. Farmhouse is not always our vibe but these can chill with any decor and we love them for that. These are designed to house your plants that are still in their nursery pots. Place a plastic liner in the solid wood bottom (available at any home store for about $1), drop your plants in and boom, you're done. The wood on these is rustic and unsealed so we wouldn't put them where they would get wet regurlarly. 

Large planter 18" H x 13" Diameter x 12" Interior opening x 14" Interior depth

Medium planter is 14.5" H x 11" Diameter x 10" interior opeining x 11" inerior depth

Small planter is 11.5" H x 8.5" Diameter x 7.5"  interior opening x 8" interior depth

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