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Rose Quartz Facial Roller + Elasticity Serum Set

Part of our new Stay at Home Essentials Collection-We wanted to bring you some of our personal favorites; items that we've found to be an essential part of our Holistic Habitats. We wanted to bring you things we use to enjoy a little self-care and spark moments of joy into our days. This collection includes many small makers from around the country that we really want to promote as part of our efforts to support small businesses like ours. 

Elevate your daily skincare routine with this gorgeous set! You will love starting and/or ending the day with this ritual - one that encourages you to embrace your inner beauty while leaving your skin glowing.


1 oz | 28 g ℮ Elasticity Serum + 1 Rose Quartz Facial Roller with Travel Pouch

Packaged in the gift box shown. 

Rolling the rose quartz over your skin in a specific pattern not only feels amazing (cool, soothing, and relaxing), it also increases the penetration and effectiveness of serums and creams while aiding in lymphatic drainage, de-puffing and detoxing skin, increasing circulation, and improving tone.

Be sure to check out the "More Info" and "How To" tab to learn more about the facial roller's history and all the ways you'll want to use it.

Rose Quartz is believed by some to be a healing stone that releases fear and negativity and increases self-love by softening the heart, opening it to love and allowing you to see your own radiant beauty as it is. You know those days when you look in the mirror and only see the flaws? It helps with that :)

Facial rollers have been used in Chinese culture for centuries as a beauty tool to improve skin tone and luminosity while reducing stress and anxiety via self facial massage.

Gently glide over clean skin using only the weight of the roller (don't press into skin) for 5-10 minutes in the patterns shown below. Start at the neck, then move up to the forehead and work down the face. Use at least 3 strokes of the roller on each area and roll from the center of the face outward (ie don't roll it back and forth like a paint roller ;) Use 1-3 times a day, as desired.

massage map


To use with Elasticity Serum:


1. Cleanse skin, tone, and apply Elasticity Serum.


2. Massage using the technique for lymphatic drainage.


3. Apply moisturizer or more serum. Voila!


You can chill the tool in your refrigerator for a cooling massage (especially wonderful for de-puffing under your eyes)

Clean your Rose Quartz roller with a damp cloth or cotton ball. Do NOT submerge as this may weaken the roller attachments.

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