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Rose of Jericho Resurrection Plant

The Rose of Jericho is said to be an everlasting plant. It has the ability to continuously come back to life and is what gives the Rose of Jericho its magical and spiritual properties. In spiritual practices it’s believed to have the power to bring peace, prosperity, and abundance to a home or business, also protect against illness and all kinds of negativity. The water of the plant can be used as a type of Holy Water to bless a space.

  • Measures: 2 to 5 inches.
  • Live Resurrection Plant
  • Care:  All that is needed for the rose of Jericho is spring water, and gravel is optional. Only submerge the plant if you’ll be changing the water every day/every other day. If not, then let the water cover the roots. Once a week, let the plant dry itself out like a reset so it won’t rot.

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