Paulownia Wooden Planters Set of Two-Urban Greenhouse-Holistic Habitat
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Paulownia Wooden Planters Set of Two

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Quite possibly our favorite planter set of 2019. These stunning solid wood containers are hand-carved and each one is one-of-a-kind as the grain will be different for each set. We love the way the wood perfectly complements our plants. You can plant directly in these but we would recommend light waterings each time. Also, because wood is porous, these will weather over time. If you don't want to plant directly inside, you could add a plastic saucer to the bottom and just place the nursery pot directly on top of the saucer. These will also be stunning with dried grasses in them. No matter what you put in them, they're going to bring beautiful texture and organic form to your space. 


  • Large: 11"W 11"D 13"H
  • Small: 8"W 8" D 10.5" H
  • No drainage