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NEW Style 12 Inch Plant Hanger-Braid and Wood

The newest iteration of our bestselling 10" Plant Hanger has some clever new features. The wood base is now removable and made from maple. The wood has been carved to have a small lip to stabilize the pots you add. These are still not waterproof but they're there for you when you need it when a little water leaks. 


12-inch ring diameter

4.5″ x 4.5″ removable base

Weight Limit: 4 pounds

Additional Product Info:

Wood base and plant hanger frame are shipped flat as two separate pieces. When your order arrives, simply press the wood base onto the plant hanger frame for easy shelf or ceiling suspended plant accessorizing. The base of the Plant Hanger has a protective edge detail which allows for secure & safe hanging of potted plants. Hanging cords come packaged individually. 

Product Care:

Your  Plant Hanger is meant to be enjoyed inside. Be sure to remove plants when watering or misting as the Plant Hanger is not waterproof.

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