Maple & Rope Dune Hanging-Wall Decor-Holistic Habitat
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Maple & Rope Dune Hanging

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Minimal design makes a striking visual impact in this wood and rope hanging. Made from ethically sourced wood and natural cotton rope. Subtle fringe effect on the bottom. Finished with a handmade, natural moisturizer.

Measures approximately 24" long x 5.5" wide x 1" deep. Please allow for variations in the wood grain and color. Maple can be pale and curly or have lots of tonal variation.

Handmade in Michigan by Darci Towns @mingledgoods

From Darci:

I believe that good things take time. Appreciation for the slow design process is another part of living with intention. Much like slowly stretching out of bed, smelling your morning coffee before taking the first sip, and stepping outside before the sun rises, to feel the crisp air against your cheek. It is part of living a life with purpose. 

This is the woman I want to create for.

The woman who values the thought put into hand selecting wood that shows the perfect grain, who is enticed by the imperfect nature of block printing on warm, organic textiles, and who prefers that the hand formed clay beads are 'round-ish'. She appreciates that her new piece was shown care and love before it ever became a treasured part of her home.