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Instant Handmade Pottery Collection II

Dark collection 
We love random and odd handmade pottery. We are not snobs about who made it. Nope. We just love that someone made it and when they have great shapes and quirky colors, we love them even more. So, when we find a bunch of them (as we often do in NC since it's a pottery mecca) we make collections for you. 
This sweet collection of three pots in blues, graphite, and dark emerald is sure to be the star of your next shelf situation. Two are signed and one isn't but that doesn't' matter when they have this much style and this much personality.
  • Set of three
  • All handmade
  • All sourced in local thrift stores tied to charities
  • Wood bowl used as a prop and not included
  • opening 2"
  • Height 3"
  • Diameter 3.5" 
  • Circumference 10.5" 


    • 2.5" H
    • 4.5" Diameter
    • 14.5" circumference
    • 3" Opening


    • Height 2.5"
    • Diameter of 6.6"
    • Circumference 21"
    • Opening 5.5"

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