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Custom Made 6" Round Glass Hanging Succulent Terrarium

$54.00 $43.20

These stunning glass terrariums will take your breath away and impress anyone receiving it as a gift. The hand-selected plants and are artfully arranged for both beauty and longevity. Our horticultural expert (AKA our crazy plant lady spirit guide, Kelly) will create each one-of-a-kind terrarium for you and ship it fresh; ready to hang in your new place of plant honor. Each globe will contain 6-8 plant babies of different varieties and colors, the soil, sand and unique curios hand chosen by Kelly (shells, rocks, crystals and the like). 

We can't say enough good things about Kelly and the team of women that propagate and grow some of the best plants we have ever seen. We decided to partner with them when you asked us for plants and we realized Kelly needed an online presence. She doesn't have the time to create a website and we don't have the space to grow your plants. We think this perfect marriage is an ideal collaboration  for our awesome customers to get the best of both worlds for your Urban Greenhouse. 

Each Glass Terrarium is 6" in Diameter, with an additional 1" at the top of the globe for the hanging loop. They have one large opening to maneuver plants on the front and two small vent holes to allow for circulation for your plants. They ship with a piece of 8" long jute twine to hang from. You can swap the included twine out for whatever hanging material you would like. 

Currently, Kelly will ship your terrarium on Wednesday afternoons. So, if your order is placed by 8 AM EST on a Wednesday, she will ship it the same day. If your order is placed at 10 AM EST on a Wednesday, it will ship the following Wednesday. As we ramp up our program to meet your demands we will adjust these shipping times but for now, we are keeping it simple and trying to manage your expectations honestly. Thanks for supporting small business and creating jobs!