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CLARK'S Coconut Cutting Board Oil | Contains No Mineral Oil

We have had a hard time finding an organic alternative to petroleum-based products to wash and seal our cutting boards...until now! Kristin was so excited to find this brand we decided to stock it. She had an especially hard time finding what she needed because the alternative to petroleum-based sealants is tree nut oils like walnut. Well, when you have someone in your home that's allergic to tree nuts, sealing your cutting board with walnut oil is a recipe for a trip to the ER. Not cool. 

CLARK'S Coconut Cutting Board Oil is formulated using 100% natural refined coconut oil that is food safe! Renewable, sustainable, and just plain good for our planet! Our coconut oil was designed with all of the things you want in a cutting board oil, and none of the things you don't. Kitchen surfaces and tools take a beating. Between sharp knives, water, soap, and temperature fluctuation, the wood begins to dull, warp, and show wear. This is when a good coconut conditioning oil is needed. Our coconut oil was specially formulated to have a very low viscosity so that it can be used for all of your wooden kitchen items without ever going rancid like other plant-based oils.

  • Penetrates Deeply into the Wood
    Apply a generous amount of oil evenly to the wood surface and allow it to penetrate for 1-2 hours. Make sure you oil all sides. Oil works its way deep into the grain of your wood surfaces.
  • 100% Natural Refined Coconut Oil
    An unscented plant-based oil with no extra additives or preservatives.
  • Prevents Drying and Cracking
    Oiling cutting boards or butcher blocks every 3-4 weeks helps prevent the wood from drying, splitting or cracking.
  • Food Safe and Antimicrobial
    CLARK'S Oil will never go rancid or harbor germs like other oils. Safest butcher block oil on the market & exceeds United States FDA regulations on safety for direct and indirect contact with food.


Butcher blocks need a VERY low viscosity oil that penetrates deeply because of the thickness of the wood

Hardwood countertops and islands do not only provide a stunning look to your kitchen, but they are also functionally magnificent and will continue to wow with regular care

Maintain your often overlooked wooden utensils, salad bowls, serving trays and pizza peels.

Terrific for bamboo cutting boards, serving trays, utensils, drawer organizers, bowls, well...you get it, anything bamboo.

We Believe in Giving Back

We donate 15% of our profits to causes that support social good!