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CLARK'S Buffing Pads for Cutting Board Oil and Wax (3 pack)

At CLARK’S they LOVE caring for cutting boards and all wood surfaces that come in contact with food. After developing a line of oils, waxes, soaps, and applicators specifically designed to revitalize a wide variety of wood products, they decided it was time to source a really good buffing pad for using with their wax.

They tested a variety of materials, shapes, sizes, and surfaces until they found this specific pad. Many microfiber pads are ‘too’ smooth and the wax just sort-of smears, while foam only pads don’t spread the product evenly and a lot gets stuck in the foam. This microfiber fleece material provided the best results on wood boards. No scratching, no weird smearing, just a nice even finish and less messy than the other pads. They worked with the manufacturer to get the right dimension for your hand (3.5” diameter) and that still fits in most wax containers. 

We hope you enjoy using this polishing pad as much as we enjoyed designing it!

  • Quick and Easy
    Application of cutting board wax while ensuring a smooth and consistent finish. The wax buffing pad has a foam core that helps to apply an even coat of wax.
  • Helps Reduce Waste and Messes
    You will no longer need to throw away paper towels and cleaning rags after each wax application, simply store your applicator in a Ziploc bag until you are ready to use it again!
  • Ultra-Soft Microfiber
    Specifically designed so that it won't scratch your wood products while bringing out the natural colors and shine. These will work with virtually any wax product, but obviously we recommend CLARK’S.

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