Artisan Made Tumblers Set of Four-Vintage-Holistic Habitat
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Artisan Made Tumblers Set of Four

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4” H x 3.5” Opening 

Sometimes when we're hunting vintage we're struck by something that isn't vintage but, it's just cool. These handmade tumblers were a fun find in a small thrift shop in Brevard, NC. I loved the texture of the crackled glaze and the earthy feel of them in your hand. I really loved how the outside looks like birch tree bark. I just needed y'all to have them. They're cool, and if I still drank wine, I'd keep these suckers. I tried to really capture the unique texture created by the glaze but it's hard to get on a camera. The outside white area feels like rough porcelain but then the crackles feel slick. I'm sure there's an actual name to the technique used to make these but I couldn't find it. 

Each tumbler is signed by the artist and the interior is glazed a deep rich brown/black.