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Our Mission:

1. Be an outstanding resource for the socially conscious consumer

We source with our hearts first and then with our eyes. We want to be sure the products we curate for you are sourced from companies that have a positive impact in at least one area of their business model. We look for companies that give back to their community, to their makers, to children, to animals, and/or to the environment. We want to support small makers and larger companies that understand the power of a business model with social change at its core.

2. Give generously

The more money our company makes, the more money we donate. Simple.

3. Use our platform to create positive change globally and locally

We believe that all of our voices should be heard and acknowledged when the collective good of humanity is at stake. You will see us create special collections so that we can donate 100% of those profits where they are needed most. We welcome your input and ideas for meaningful collaborations to further social justice.

4. Think big, pray hard, stay humble, & learn

It’s a vicious cycle we’re learning to break. Fear creates smallmindedness. If we are to conquer fear, we have to think big. To do this effectively, we’ve found we have to ask a higher power for help through prayer and meditation. Prayer and meditation ask us to be humble enough to know that we don’t know much. When we recognize that learning is the essence of humility we can continue to conquer fear.

5. Affirm the lives of others

We pursue prosperity at the expense of no one. Like you, we believe that everyone is entitled to live a happy and satisfying life. Therefore, we partner with companies that can prove their fair trade practices and the ethical treatment of their employees and partners. We also ascribe to the idea that being compassionate will make America great again.

6. Stay curious and open

If we stay open and curious about new ideas, we grow. When we grow we give more money and time to those in need.

7. Value our customers the same way we value our friends

Our customers are smart, intuitive, and creative people that can sniff out insincerity and BS from a mile away. They expect and deserve high-quality products, exceptional customer service, and authentic connections where they spend their money. We make it a priority to share with them what we’re thinking about, what we’re carrying out and why. When we make a mistake, we own it and do whatever it takes to fix it. We are constantly learning from our customers. We don’t just welcome their input and ideas, we actively seek their collaboration.