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It all started in the Spring of 2017

When two Charlotte, NC friends- Kristin Holler and Rachael Daugherty stood on a rain-soaked porch and realized they wanted something more for their lives and their homes. They loved designing spaces but cringed when the products they loved came from companies that didn’t give back in a meaningful way. They could buy shoes, clothing, bags, food - virtually everything they needed from companies that gave back to causes but they couldn’t find affordable home decor that was as socially conscious as they aspire to be.


They headed to Guatemala to source fabrics for custom pillows. While sitting on yet another porch in the lakeside town of Panajachel, Guatemala they had a conversation that changed everything for the friends. Alyssa, their guide (and new friend) explained that it only costs about $1000.00 USD a year to educate a kid in Guatemala in private school. At that moment, Rachael and Kristin decided that helping end the cycle of poverty in those communities would be a goal. Since then, they have been able to continually sponsor 5 Guatemalan kids in private schools.


Rachael and Kristin grew increasingly concerned with inequalities and problems in their own community and country. From those concerns, they began to grow their philanthropy to causes like dog rescues, Together Rising, The ACLU, and Habitat for Humanity. Currently, they donate 15% of their profit to the education initiative they created and to issues that impact us in the US.

Our Goals: GIVE BACK & Source with our Conscience

Giving back is at the core of what we do. Sure, we love pretty spaces that nurture the bodies, minds, and spirits of our families. But, with that, we will never lose sight of the fact that our privileges come with a price and we need to pay that forward so we may all have our lives affirmed and a cozy spot to call home.

When we started this biz in 2017 we had no idea where it would take us. We knew two things: we wanted to source beautiful home decor and we knew we wanted to be able to give back to those in need. 

When we first started our full product collection was ethically made. However, 100% Fair Trade Certified is often very expensive and it didn’t fit the aesthetic you, our customers, told us you were craving.We did a lot of surveys (thank you!) and we listened to you. Thus, we began sourcing with a different mindset. We decided that if the designs you loved and requested were not 100% Fair Trade Certified we would elevate the equation by making them more ethical with our own give-back.We increased the percentage of what we donate to social causes (from 5% to 15%) to offset the issues of products made in less than ideal manufacturing practices. Now, we have curated an entire line for you that, no matter what,gives back to those in need. If it wasn’t made to industry standards for the “Certified” Fair Trade, in the end, we make it as ethical as we can by giving those profits to causes that improve the collective good.

You will continue to find products here that are fair trade certified, ethically made, and support artisans around the world. We’re extra excited to offer those pieces since it allows us to give back more than once. We give back when we purchase them and then, we give back again with our profits when you buy them.

We think, for now, we have been able to reach a wonderful balance of being able to offer you an affordable and thoughtfully selected mix of home decor you can feel good about purchasing. 

We have curated a collection of items we would use in our own homes. We ask ourselves: would we use it? Could we use it in more than one way? Is it beautiful? And, is it a good value for the quality and craftsmanship? When we can answer all of those questions with an excited ‘YES!’, you’ll find it in our shop. 

As a small company, we do everything ourselves from sourcing to managing our website and shipping. Our hands (and hearts) are in every detail. Our approach may not be typical, but rest assured, we are not a typical company and we never intend to become one. As we grow and mature as a brand we will always be rooted in our foundation of the dreamers and humanitarians we’ve always been.