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We curate modern bohemian home decor & accessories for the socially conscious consumer.

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We are Rachael (R) & Kristin (L). We're two friends that search globally and locally for the most beautifully unique and one-of-a-kind items, and then we distill them through a range of style lenses. We formulate unique collections that are both an eclectic mix of style and culture as well as ethically sourced.  

For every purchase you make from us, we donate 15% of our profits to help put children in Guatemala in Private School! There, they have the opportunity to study through high school and graduate with an accredited degree. With that degree, they can get a scholarship and go to University anywhere! Even if they don't go to University, they are tri-lingual and they're a great candidate for a job or tour guide; something more sustainable than manual labor! Let's help end the cycle of poverty, together.

We believe passionately that creating the ideal home and lifestyle must also include reminders that we, as humans, are all interconnected.  We believe in equality, inclusiveness, the fair and humane treatment of all living beings, and anti-discrimination in all of its forms.  We also believe that laughter is, as Anne Lamott so wisely stated, “carbonated holiness”. We believe that using our money to support socially-conscious industries is integral to creating a home that resonates with kindness, love, humor, and encourages prosperity for all. Because, isn’t that what we all want, ultimately?  Kindness, love, humor, and prosperity?   

Here, you will find our collection of thoughtfully curated items for your home that embody the fundamentals of our core beliefs.  Each and every piece we carry has a story behind it, even if it’s just the quirky past of a unique piece of pottery saved from the landfill.  We make sure our treasures have a purpose and a point of view.  

Welcome to our passion. Welcome to a Holistic Habitat of your own.

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