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Lovely Vintage Planter Basket

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    If you're like me, you love houseplants but you don't LOVE repotting them. I am kinda lazy in that department. I also like to change my plants around in different containers so, there's that. This basket is great for the lush hanging plants you'll find at almost any Lowe's or Homedepot. I just take the plastic hooks off the pots, put a plastic liner in the bottom and *boom* done. Truthfully, most plants that you'll buy from a nursery or hardware store really don't need to be re-potted right away. They'll do BETTER if you give them some time to adjust to your home while they still get to (technically) live in theirs. 

    This basket comes with a plastic liner I bought at Home Depot to keep in my stash. I figured I'd be nice and save you a trip! 

    • 9” H 
    • the opening is 9.5” 
    • the base is 6” square 
    • the liner is 8” Round and 4” deep 
    • perfect for an 8” pot 

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