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Fancy 18 Inch Twister Taper Candles Set of Two

These Fancy 18 Inch Twister Taper Candles are hand-molded and richly colored, and we love the added texture and intrigue created by the spiral shape. The cotton wick creates a clean burning flame, and each candle burns at a rate of over 1 hour per inch.

Note: These candles are NOT dripless. Use them with proper precautions or soak them in saltwater to make them dripless before you burn them. First, dissolve salt into warm water until it won’t dissolve any more salt. Then submerge your candles into this mixture and allow them to soak for 24 hours. Take them out and dry them off completely before you use them!

  • Fancy 18 inch twister taper candles
  • Set of two
  • Each set is boxed together for gifting
  • Pro tip: to avoid dripping burn away from all drafts and trim your wicks!

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