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Unshattered + ALL OF US

We're all stuck in this weird new reality TOGETHER & we're HONORED you come to our small business to help you feel more content in your already (we're sure!) beautiful home. And, since we're in this together, when you support us- we're supporting Unshattered with 15% of our profit as they dedicate all of their resources to creating masks for our medical HEROES. 

Unshattered is a personal favorite for Rachael and me. Since we are both alcoholics in recovery, we love the mission at Unshattered: employing women straight out of rehab to learn a new vocation on their journey to recovery. 


However, Unshattered has put their entire non-profit on HOLD (shifting away from making beautiful bags) to start making masks for our medical professionals in need. That's right; they're suspending their only source of revenue that supports their non-profit mission to make masks.  FOR FREE.

If you want to support them directly, you can tap that pic above to go to their unique collection, or you can straight-up donate some cash. 

Even when we're forced apart we can come together to lift each other up. We don't know about you, but that makes us want to big-ugly-cry. 

xoxo- Kristin & Rachael


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