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Top 10 Ways to Create a Holistic Habitat

Top 10 Ways to Create a Holistic Habitat

Kristin Holler

Our Top 10 Ways to Create a Holistic Habitat

1.Clear out the Clutter

We cannot stress this more. Clutter in your life will destroy your serenity and your energy. Need more proof? Watch an episode of Hoarders. Need more help getting motivated? We got you. We have a series coming up on that exact topic.  But until then, get clear and get motivated. Your brain will tell you that you don’t need to do it but ignore your brain. Your brain is a jerk (most days). Do the clearing and be ruthless. Haven’t used it in a year? Gone. Is it a gift you never loved? Pitch it. The gift was really given to you in the energy of the giver when you received the gift. You don’t have to hold onto the item that represents the giver's love if it doesn’t bring you joy.


2. Create Sacred Spaces

This doesn’t have to be elaborate or take up much space. You don’t have to “use” the space to meditate or pray if that’s not what you’re into doing. It does need to be a spot that you see often allowing you to appreciate it. Use family photos, mementos of travels, unique pieces of decor or jewelry displayed in a way that reminds you of all the wonderful things in your life and what you have to be grateful for. Keep this space clean and stocked with fresh flowers or healthy plants (duh).  Allow it to evolve as you evolve and let it be a place that makes you happy when you see it. Rachael and I have small places like this all over our homes, and it helps to keep us grounded in what is GOOD in our lives versus focusing on the things that aren’t so fantastic. And remember, life is always 50% good and 50% not so good. We need the contrast in the two to remind us of what life is about in the big picture. Spaces like this serve as a reminder when life gets overwhelming.

our brutalist wall hook 

3. Buy WELL. Not more

This is a tough one for a lot of us because we want what we want WHEN we want it. However, pausing here will serve you well in your home, your bank account, and in your life. Always make the choice of better quality over lower price-points when you can. We have all done it and we all know what happens. Apply this to the things in your home you use every day: Sofas, chairs, faucets, bedding, pillows...

4. ADOPT a Pet

No joke, animals are pure loving energy. They boost your serotonin and your feelings of love and connection. If you can’t adopt, try pet sitting for friends. You will feel better. We promise! Now, this is the one thing we are not currently doing in our homes because we already have our maximum allotted fur-babes but, we do donate to animal welfare organizations like South of the Bully. They are the amazing rescue group that saved Trinity (above) so that we could be blessed with her love and often excessive kisses. 

Holistic Habitat image of cleaning tools hanging on our brass rail with leather hooks

5. Use clean cleaning products

Does that sound a little redundant? You know what we mean…make sure you’re not spreading toxins all over your home when you’re cleaning it. There are tons of green cleaners on the market today and some are less expensive than the ones laden with chemicals. We have added a huge collection of functionally beautiful cleaning tools so you can enjoy using that scrub brush even more!

We especially love Branch Basics when we use our new collection of green cleaning tools (coming in our Spring 2020 collection). 

6. Entertain your friends

It's coming...we're going to be able to entertain again SOON!! So, now that you’ve decluttered and spruced up with some green cleaning products get your friends over (stay socially distant and keep it outside) and enjoy them with some good food and drink. You may be waiting for your house to be “perfect” but that day will never come. And, truth be told, your friends will not notice the things you want to change. They will notice how you made them FEEL when you welcome them into your home.

7. Use Soothing Scents

Break out the candles and essential oils and bask in the scents you love the most. Our sense of smell is probably the one most closely linked to memory so, create great memories and relive them with your favorite scents over and over.


8. Experiment with Furniture Placement

Don’t let yourself get stuck in a rut. Allowing yourself the creative flow of rearranging your furniture and decor instantly brings a new perspective to your space and invigorates the energy of the room. If you don’t like it, you can always move it back.

9. Buy From Ethical Companies

We obviously feel strongly about this particular topic so, we're not going to hammer you over the head with our philosophy. But, you know it makes sense too so, let's all do the best we can in this department. Vote with your dollars! If you'd like to learn more about how we work you may read more here.


10. Constantly Renew your Gratitude

When we're operating from a place of gratitude in our hearts, we're amazed at how much better our homes and our lives feel. It can be as basic as “I’m grateful I have this pillow to put under my head.” Or “I’m grateful I have this space to sleep in.”

Pure gratitude can help move mountains in your life and your home. We know because we experience it daily. In fact, as I type this, Rachael is freaking out with gratitude because one of her musical idols (he *MAY* be a member of the Avett Brothers) has slid up in our Instagram DMs. She saw he was moving into a new home so, she offered him some of our products out of pure gratitude for what he's given her via his music. She didn't think he would answer but he has and now she's about to fall over/pee in her pants/possibly vomit! The best part? It's shifted her whole day into pure gratitude. 

We acknowledge our gratitude for you, our readers and customers, every day. Thank you for being one of the reasons we get to experience joy on the daily!




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