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The Spring Cleaning Series: The Office

The Spring Cleaning Series: The Office

Christal Anderson

It’s time to tackle cleaning your office. Whether it’s just a nook with a desk and computer, or it’s an entire room, for most of us, our office has gotten more use lately. But if you’re like me, your office can become a catch-all for random junk, packages, crafts, school supplies, or toys. But for it to be a place where we can be inspired to work and create, we should put as much effort as possible to make sure that it is clean, organized, and styled just right. It feels so good and freeing to work in a clean environment. 


  1. Remove everything off of the shelves and desk or wherever clutter is piled up.
  2. Sort into groups. You can have piles based on what room they belong to, things to throw away, recycle, and give away.       
  3. While your desk is clear, use  an all-purpose spray and wipe it with a Swedish dishcloth.
  4. Put down a towel on your clean surface to catch all of the dust and crumbs and not dirty up the already clean desk when completing the upcoming steps. 
  5. Use an electronics cleaner to wipe down monitors. 
  6. Use a dry micromanager brush to remove crumbs and dust from keyboards, ports, and groves in the mouse.
  7. Wipe off the dust of all plants, lamps, and any other accessories that are on your desk.  Check out our dusting gloves that are optimal for dusting plants. 


  1. For the miscellaneous items, like hand creams and lip balms that you absolutely must have on your desk, use a tray. A tray  can also be used for paper clips, staples, or other knickknacks, but try to keep your desk as empty as possible.
  2. Keep candles and other items on your desk in a designated area.   
  3. If your kids like to hang out in your office as mine do, keep an area just for them where they can keep their books and toys so that your office doesn’t get too cluttered. And be adamant about them returning things to where they belong.       
  4. The key to keeping your office area neat and tidy is that everything needs to have a home.  Invest in storage.  Do research, look at Youtube videos and Pinterest pictures  for inspiration and ideas. If your work area is small, use wall storage. Wall shelves, racks, or even a canvas wall organizer are creative and stylish ways to be organized in your space. Pick storage that is not just practical, but adds to the aesthetic of the room.          


It is so satisfying to see a room come together, especially if it is a space where we will be spending a lot of time. Styling a room just right inspires creativity and productivity. 

  1. Add lighting. Use sconce lighting or LED light strips that can go behind your desk, around shelves, along walls, or wherever your heart desires to create an ambiance.  Use book shelf lighting to add depth to your shelves.
  2.  Add design accessories such as these stylish hands, beads, obelisk, or vases that can be placed on desks or shelves.
  3. Add plants. You knew it was coming. Plants elevate any space and immediately bring life. Choose planters that go with your color scheme and design aesthetic. 

That's it. We hope that these tip can help you have a more holistic habitat! 

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