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The Rebrand and Rediscovery-Coming To Know Who We Are As A Company

If we don’t change, we don’t grow. If we don't grow we aren't really living. -Gail Sheehy
Welcome to our newly branded Shop! We’re so excited you’re here. 
We know some of you will have questions about WHY we rebranded so we wanted to take some time to explain the process here:
Back in February, Rachael and I attended a conference for women entrepreneurs. It was wonderful and we had the best time learning and growing but as we met with other leaders in our community of entrepreneurs we realized we needed to really clarify our message as a brand.
In fact, we had to really acknowledge that we are “a brand”!
The truth is that when we started this biz in May of 2017 we knew two things: we wanted to design, create and source beautiful home decor, sell it to you, and with those profits, we would be able to give much more money to causes that improve our world and the collective good. But as with any great idea,
we needed to refine it. 
We started by working on our story as a brand and we were lucky enough to find several great partners to help us with that daunting project. As you may know, when you own your business you’re often too close to it to be objective about it. We needed outside (objective) help and we needed it FAST! 
First, we worked with the wonderful Bethany Tran atBroadviewto clarify our message. Bethany was an ideal partner for us since she also ownsThe Root Collective, an ethical shoe company. Like us, she has experienced the struggles of becoming a smaller brand in a sea of larger companies. Bethany is a powerhouse of creative ideas and passion for ethical brands. She was a lifeline and now we get to also call her a friend. 
Next up, we needed to work on a whole new look for our new message. A little background here: when we started HH we really wanted to focus on handmade and one-of-a-kind pillows. Pillows were (and still are) a mild obsession of ours. However, as we began to gain momentum and a customer base we quickly realized y’all loved our planters and plant accessories more than you loved our pillows. It was time to pivot! We were thrilled to expand our Urban Greenhouse collection to meet your demand and thus, we wanted our logo and our brand colors to really reflect the earthy vibe our Urban Greenhouse collection embodies. 
We also wanted brandgraphics that we could use in different colors so our logo could evolve with the color trends we embrace every season.
For the branding phase of the project, we were excited to start working with Marisa Flacks atRise Creative. Marisa was a dream to work with and the mastermind behind our new logos, color palette, and lettering. She designed our new website and made it even easier for you to shop and envision our products in your home. She is as kind as she is creative and we were lucky to work with her. 
What you see here today is the culmination of five months of deep diving into our intentions, our thoughts, our fears, our discomfort, and our desires for Holistic Habitat. The process isn’t easy. It’s like seeing a marriage counselor, a psychiatrist, a psychologist, a dentist, and a psychic for our business. Sometimes it was uncomfortable. Sometimes it was thrilling. Sometimes it was hilarious and frustrating all in the same breath but, it was necessary. As with anything difficult, we feel immensely proud of having done the hard work and we’re excited to share our new look and our new journey with you!
Thanks for reading along and, as always, please share your thoughts with us. We love your feedback since we are here to serve YOU! 
Xoxo- Kristin & Rachael

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July 10, 2019

So proud of you two!!I love the new look.

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