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Spring News, Notables, and Trends

We have so busy adding new product and categories that we haven't had time to blog much! Here's a quick update on what's been added and trends we're loving these days...


The open shelving trend in kitchens isn't going away. We love it and we're excited to share this awesome PAIR of shelves we found for you. They're a cinch to hang; the combo of wood and metal shelves adds a clean/rustic feel. As if that wasn't enough, they have REMOVEABLE hooks! Hang your utensils, towels, herbs to dry...endless styling and practical uses. We still can't believe they're only $169.00 for both shelves and Eight Hooks!


Tote ALL The Things

It's that time of year! Spring break is coming and before you know it the kids will be out of school. What? Anyway, this is the time of year we like to start getting our organization game going for whatever activities our kids have coming up this summer. We need bags for each activity that can keep the accessories for each activity sorted properly and then we don't forget anything by switching bags. We just grab the "pool bag" or the "gymnastics bag" or the "soccer bag" and all the right stuff is in the right bag. Small things to keep us sane go a loooooong way to overall sanity and serenity. We have a few new bags to help keep you organized in a similar fashion. Check out these beauties for your every day or use them to corral all the bits and pieces you collect around the house. 



The Ultimate Everything Tote holds all the necessary stuff for a day out and about. The front pocket gives you quick access to the stuff you need the most often, your phone, an iPad, and your planner. The larger portion of the tote is large enough to hold your regular purse and a few beach towels. It's large enough for lunches, a change of clothes and your gym shoes. It's great and it's washable heavy cotton canvas that stands up when you put it in the grocery checkout. The addition of leather straps with the brass grommets complete the look and take it beyond your basic shopping bag. It's finished and chic. 

Fabric and Crochet Baskets

This new collection is a workhorse of stylish storage. The big ones are large enough to hold 5-gallon nursery pots. All you need to do is add a 12-inch plant tray for the bottom and BOOM! you're done! I have also loved moving these into my bathroom for an extra towel, toiletry, and plant storage options. The smaller bags are perfect for our toiletries and plants since they have a coating embedded on the inside of the fabric that repels water and dirt! They can also be great for art supplies in a craft room. 

New Spring Baskets

Large Moroccan Baskets

Vegan Leather Storage Bag


We hope you found some great ideas to make your life more stylish, organized, and fun! Happy Spring, y'all! 

xoxo- Kristin and Rachael


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