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Planning an Outdoor Event? Check out these ideas

As the month of April draws to a close, we can start looking forward to warmer months and a lot more things to celebrate. May is the opening month for the summer, like that small act that opens for the main event at a concert. In May, a lot of schools and universities are wrapping up and there are a lot of things to celebrate: graduations, engagement parties, bridal showers, weddings, Memorial Day barbecues, and let’s not forget about the mamas! Although we may not be able to completely get together unless everyone in attendance is fully vaccinated, the CDC states that outdoor events are safer than indoor ones. So let’s plan some outdoor part-ays!

Here some suggestions from the  CDC for hosting a safe party. We know that we all can’t wait to get together, but let’s be safe. 

  1. Have a conversation with each guest about your expectations.
  2. Encourage everyone to wear a mask and provide masks for those who may not have any.
  3. Plan the seating ahead of time so everyone can be at least 6 feet apart.
  4. Disinfect common surface areas like doorknobs and light switches.
  5. Encourage everyone to wash their hands often.
  6. Provide hand sanitizer throughout different areas at the event.
  7. Avoid people going in and out of the area where the food is prepared.  
  8. If it is a celebratory party such as a wedding or graduation, provide handheld noisemakers so your guests won’t have to yell or cheer. 
  9. Have one person serve the food or have everyone bring their own food. 
  10. Offer single-use items such as condiment packets, or canned sodas, etc. 
  11. Try to have no touch garbage options. 

Ok, so now that is out of the way, it’s time for the fun stuff! Here are some of our favorite ideas for outdoor parties. 

Grandmillennial Garden Party

As we mentioned in a recent blog post, Grandmillenial is a very popular 2021 home decor trend. But we wanted to try this trend outside and make it a really fun experience. We think your guest wouldloveit. We know that we do!

Start with a good base.

Start with an antique table, if you don’t have one, I wouldn't worry about it too much because you can use a table cloth, table ware, and decor to cover the table and to really play into the Grandmillennial feel. If you do have an antique table, skip the table cloth and just use place settings to highlight the antique look. Classic, or antique looking chairs really contribute to this style too. Even if all of the chairs don't match, don't worry about it! There is so much charm in the imperfection. Remember Grand Millennial is paying homage to the olden days.


Table Setting

If you decide to cover the table, chose a clean white table cloth (the lacier the better!), or a floral table cloth with bright bold colors. Remember, when it comes to the Grandmillennial style, the bold colors keep it modern. The napkins can be the opposite of the table cloth. For instance, If the table cloth is a bright floral, then I would choose a crisp white for the napkins and vise vera. White on white would also bring out the beauty in the table wear, antique pieces, and florals (it is a garden party after all). You can add your personal touch with napkin rings. I love these porcelain duck napkin holders, they are perfect for a garden party, but do something that feels good for you. Don't be afraid to have fun. 

Style with Grandmillennial tableware, such as plates, salad plates, and cups. You can find some great vintage plates on  Etsy. If you don’t have vintage tableware, or if that is more granny than millennial for your taste, these  classic ceramic plates will do the trick.   


With a splash of antique

Decorate with handmade vases like  these and add beautiful flowers that go with your color scheme. 

Grandmillennial is all about classic charm. And nothing says charm like candle light so don’t forget to addpillar or tapered candles to your table setting.  If you want to be really fancy, elevate the decor with these  fancy twisted candles. These  sunburst taper candle holders are the perfect add-on with their antique brass finish which lends perfectly to the Grandmillennial theme.    

Cottage Core Picnic

Picnics are so chic! And for an outdoor celebration, it can be a really nice and different experience for your guests. I would personally love to attend a fancy picnic party. And we can give you some ideas to really kick it up a notch. 

Comfy and Cozy

Have lots of blankets. These  soft lamb’s wool blankets have beautiful tones that go so well with a natural backdrop.

Don’t forget to add cushions for even more comfort. The cushions don’t have to match, you can have a variation of tones, a set color pallet, or completely different colors altogether. Throw in some lumbar pillows to allow for a variation of sizes too. 

If you don’t want to have your guests hold their plates in their hands while they eat, get a low table and use pillows instead of chairs for seating.

I’ve even seen an idea where each guest had a blanket, a pallet or upside down crate for a table, and pillows in each square. This is perfect for social distancing events. 

Romantic Decor

Nothing says romance like a picnic canopied by beautiful trees, but how can we make it more romantic? Add decorations to the trees. Don’t be limited to just string lights, you can include little features such as antique figurines, or even wildflower wreaths to add that romantic cottagecore feel. 

Use wooden crates to create various stations where you can incorporate design elements such as candles and wildflowers in vases.

Use  baskets to store drinks, extra blankets, individually packaged foods such as fruit cups or small cakes. 

Elevated Cookout

Everyone loves a good backyard BBQ, but who said a cookout had to be basic?

Drink Area

Have a drink area equipped with a variety of cool drinks and straws. If you’re serving mixed drinks don’t forget the cups. But to make things safer, single-serve might be the way to go.  This  console table is perfect for a drink station, it has storage on the bottom and its wheels make it easy to maneuver. 

Black and White

Nothing elevates a normal event like a well-thought-out color palette, and what is more classic and classy than black and white?  


These black and white stoneware plates are perfect for elevating a barbecue. (They're a long way off from Dixie plates). The gold trim takes it to a whole new level and will have guests asking you for tips on how to host an event. 

Add  black orwhite vases for your centerpieces.


Elevate your backyard BBQ with lighting. Lighting takes decor from drab to fab. String lights and candles are a must. 

Taper and pillar candles make an outdoor setting that much more elegant.  Include  unique candle holders to add visual interest to outdoor spaces.

Make your own games

Games are a great way for people to socialize and interact. Create big games. Check out this  blog for DIY wooden games such as dominoes, Jenga, and dice that will have your guests raving about your event long after it’s over. 

Have a menu

A menu is a nice change of pace to an outdoor BBQ. Have a big menu with a chalkboard or bistro-style sign, or use a big mirror and chalk markers to elegantly write the choices for the evening.   

Have different bars

Who doesn’t love bars?! You can do a smore bar, with individual smoke pits in small terracotta flower pots to reduce smoke and the wait. Or you can have a hamburger bar with various condiments and addons where anyone can customize their burger as soon as it comes off the grill.

Some other great bar ideas are dessert, chips, or a french fry bars. Anything that can be customizable and go along with on your menu can be made into a bar and have everyone amazed at your hosting skills.  

Set up conversation areas

Rearrange outdoor furniture to create small pockets of conversation. Add plush cushions and blankets to add extra coziness.  

Gotta Terracotta

We saw this trend on  Martha Stewart and we are absolutely obsessed.

A terracotta themed party! Use  terracotta planters and decorating elements throughout the party.  These terracotta bells would be perfect decorations. Hang them from trees or from the top of your pergola. 

Replace serving bowls and pitchers with terracotta pitchers and  terracotta bowls to serve. 

These  terracotta taper candle holders would add the perfect earthy tone to the table. 

Add these  terracotta pillows would go perfectly with the  terracotta theme. 

Have fun and be safe!

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