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Our Favorite Holistic Habitat Exclusives!

Custom Pieces Made By Us, Just For You

We're all about bringing you stunning, unique home decor you can't find anywhere else. Sometimes, that means taking matters into our own hands—literally! If we can't find a piece that matches our creative vision, we bring it to life ourselves or work directly with amazing makers to create our HH Exclusives. Here are some of our very favorites!


Gorgeous North Carolina Crafted Leather Goods

Some of our most amazing and inventive creations are made of leather right here in NC. Rachael is the design mastermind behind her Headboard Cushions as well as all of our gorgeous leather hanging straps and leather loop hooks! Each strap is carefully handmade by our very own HH team, and every headboard cushion is crafted by skilled local artisans. (Psst: prefer vegan leathers? We also make cork headboard cushions!)


Featured: Leather Loop with Small, Medium or Large Brass Hook (choose from Black, Brown or Natural leather for all three sizes); The Rachael Leather Headboard Cushion Set in Dark Amber, Deep Cognac, and Black , or in Natural Cork or Black Cork (choose from King, California King, Queen or Twin bed sizes).


Handmade Fair Trade Terracotta Planters

Y'all know we're just as obsessed with terracotta pots as we are with plants. BUT, it's tough to find raw terracotta planters in styles and shapes we love—especially wall hanging ones. So, we have them made for us! Each of our HH planters is fair trade handmade by amazing Honduran potters, and they'll bring so much earthy, planty goodness into your home. There's even a lovely metal coatrack with an integrated HH funnel planter... so, yes! You can absolutely have your plants and hang up your jackets, too!


Featured: The Minimalist HH Double-Dipped Terracotta Wall Planter, HH Wall Mount Funnel Planter in Black, White or Natural, Tabletop Funnel Pot Trio on Wire Stands, Coat Rack with Funnel Planter

Luxe Candles and Taper Holders

There's no better way to set a tranquil mood than with the soft glow of a candle (or five!). Some of our fave taper holders, like the Mod Ring Cast Iron Candlesticks, are made just for us. These beauties pair well with so many aesthetics, and they suit both neutral and bold-hued tapers. If you're looking for gorgeously scented jar candles, you'll love our HH x Hive to Home Candle Co collabs. Each is handmade with beeswax, organic coconut oil and pthalate-free fragrance.

Featured: Set of Three Mod Ring Cast Iron Candlestick Holders, HH x Hive to Home Candles in Destination, Driving South, and Friday Market fragrances.

All The Decor Objects!

Whether it's your kitchen counter or console table, our HH exclusive decor objects add that extra bit of style and character to your home. Some of our go-to's are the Abstract Face Trays and Prairie Hands Ceramic Vase.

Featured: Set of Three Ceramic Abstract Face Trays, Prairie Hands Ceramic Vase.


What's your favorite HH Exclusive piece? Is there anything you'd love for us to make? Let us know on Insta! @holistichabitatclt

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