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Monday Musings

Hey y’all! Kristin here…

We wanted to start a new Monday Musings series of tips, tricks, products, and resources we’ve found that improve our lives and the lives of those around us. Sometimes they'll be deep thoughts, and other times they'll be fun finds. No matter what, they'll be things we love and use ourselves. None of these are ads or affiliate links. They're just things we love and thought you might too.

These have been popular on our Instagram Stories so we hope they resonate with you here! 

Let's dive right in, shall we?

How to feel better almost instantly

I used to think “life coaching” was a bunch of BS. Then, I was turned onto Brooke Castillio by a friend and WHOA. Now, I’ve basically rewired my entire brain for the better thanks to her  FREE podcasts. In this podcast episode, she breaks down exactly how to change your feelings about ANYTHING in a few simple steps.

All of her podcasts are worthwhile and you can search them by subject matter for a quick fix when you're having trouble with something. I recently had issues with continuing an argument in my head with someone OVER and OVER and OVER and OVER...it was exhausting and stressful. I quickly searched for "anger" on her podcast and found this UBER helpful listen on Thought Loops. 

mary ruths immunity gummies

Want a tasty way to get immune support?

Mary Ruth’s supplements are tasty, effective, organic, and even my husband will take them.Formulated by Health Educator, Nutritional Consultant & Culinary Chef MaryRuth Ghiyam these potent and delicious supplements will have your family asking for them.

Who's washing their hands more than ever?

Since COVID-19 is on the rise, we've been really happy to have this soap next to our sinks. We discovered that not only is it great for your cutting boards, but it's also gentle on your hands and not drying at all!

You've been making your bed allllllll wrong.

This trick to putting on a duvet cover has literally saved my back, my sanity, and a lot of my time. You’re welcome. Watch it twice if you need to because it's worth learning this hack if you have duvet covers. Sometimes I have to look it up again to refresh my memory but whatever...it still takes A LOT less time than the way I was doing it. 

Want a height-adjustable desk but don't have $800?

We needed height-adjustable desks/workstations for our new warehouse and man, we had some sticker shock! But, then we found these at our local Home Depot. If you don't mind a little bit of cranking vs motorized adjustments, these are AWESOME! With the two drawers, they're $229 but, if you skip the drawers they're only $179!


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