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Meet Our Top Picks: 4 Fabulous Black Interior Designers You Don’t Want To Miss

As Black History Month is quickly coming to a close, we can’t miss out on the opportunity to recognize a few of our fave black interior designers who are literally out theremaking history!  Rachael and I are aware that when we were born white, we were inherently privileged from our first breath. It's extremely important to us that we sit back and learn from these incredible women about how we can be better humans for all people of (any) color.

Believe me when I say, you NEED to follow these badass black creatives. Why? Because diversity matters and their talent is important to our field. These women arebringing itin the interior design space and the world is taking notice--as they should. If you’re looking for some fresh, cutting edge home design inspo or maybe even wondering what your personal interior design style is, check these boss babes out. We absolutely love them and we know you will, too.

Shavonda Gardner: Designer and Founder of  SG Style 

Motto: “Life is too short to live in a home that doesn’t make your heart smile.”


If your home isn’t making you smile, head right on over to check out Shavonda’s feed on the gram for endless inspiration! She is the queen of bold style in small spaces, and her own home is living proof of that. When Shavonda and her family decided to downsize from their 2400 sq. ft. home, they didn’t mess around. Since cutting their living space in half, their fixer-upper bungalow renovation has served up non-stop eye candy for the rest of us to snack on! Shavonda and her wife are rockin’ it in the mom department while living large in their “little old house,” a gorgeously eclectic cottage that screams bold, moody, maximalist style. She recently scored a well-deserved feature by Real Simple and we couldn’t be more in awe of her! 

Carmeon Hamilton: Lifestyle Designer, Environmental Curator, Plant Whisperer

Motto: “Find the joy in everything.”


Our girl Carmeon is a brilliant designer who’s been brave enough to take the leap and go out on her own this past year. I mean, one look at her website and we’re instantly in love with all the planty things!!😍 Not only is she a pro at bringing the outdoors in (and keeping it all alive!), but she has a way with combining texture, color, and pattern that has us feeling constantly mind-blown. If you haven’t already discovered Carmeon on Instagram, you’ll want to be sure to give her a follow. And don’t forget about her blog! She’ll help you define your own aesthetic and give you some of her expert tips on how to have fun with layering while keeping your style cohesive. Carm was also named in Real Simple’s 30 Black Interior Designers You Should Definitely Be Following on Instagram, right alongside her best friend and design wife, Shavonda.


Whitney Boyd: Plant-based owner of Karma Nutra

Motto: “Eating well is the ultimate form of self-respect.”

One look at Whitney’s Instagram, cleverly dubbed afrohemian, and you’ll be immediately captivated by her unique expression of tribalesque style. She blends black and white patterns with layers of texture and magnificent plants like nobody’s business. And speaking of business, Whitney’s entrepreneurial spirit and passion for clean eating joined forces to create Karma Nutra, a plant-based kitchen where she inspires others to nourish their bodies with proper nutrition. There’s definitely more to this girl than cold-pressed juices and Buddha bowls (although we love those, too!). Whitney inspires us to both love ourselves better and to live in a more sustainable way. For her, being vegan is an act of self-love. All the beauty that’s manifesting in Whitney’s world externally is the result of what’s happening on the inside first. And isn’t that the truth for us all? 


Ariene Bethea: Founder, Retailer, and Huntress of Dressing Rooms Interiors Studio

Motto: “Vintage collecting is all about judgment, taste, and imagination.”


Offering one-of-a-kind designer vintage home furnishings right here in our very own Charlotte, NC, Ariene inspires us with her fresh color combinations and graphic pattern combos on Instagram and her website. She answers our most pressing design questions (like, “Is animal print a neutral?”) through The Daily Dose, a “snackable” home design series on The Design Network. We have a deep appreciation for her way of incorporating ethnic pieces, representing the minority, and bringing diversity to our local and cyber interior design world. Growing up in a home infused with art and culture has influenced her casual collected style and playful use of patterns and colors. Ariene’s vintage pieces, available both in her brick-and-mortar storefront as well as online, are a minimum of 20 years old and hand-picked for their individual character, detail, history, and unique appeal. We think she’s absolutely brilliant and can’t help but share her with you! 

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