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It's Time to Repot your Plants

One of the home decor trends that we are absolutely crazy about is indoor plants! There is just so much to love. They completely liven up any space by bringing fresh new life and vibrancy. Some plants even help to purify the air. And since we are not yet able to be completely out and about, why not bring the outdoors in with beautiful, green, lush plants? 

While plant babies bring life and tranquility to a space, they do require maintenance, which can be a little intimidating if you’re not sure what to do, or if one of your “easy to care for” plants came to a swift and sudden end. (Don’t beat yourself up too hard, it happens to the best of us.)

One thing that will really help your plants thrive is to repot them once a year. And Spring is the time to do it! 

According to  The Sill repotting doesn’t necessarily mean changing the planter, but is more so about changing the soil, or potting mix, to give the plant new nutrients. If the plant has outgrown their planter, or you want to change up your planter for design reasons, (I mean who doesn’t love a stylish planter?) try not to get an oversized planter because you may end up accidentally overwatering it.

To see if you need to move your plants to a bigger planter, gently pull out your plants and inspect the roots. If the roots are clearly coming out of the soil or are all wrapped and tangled up, then it’s time to move them to a bigger planter. 

Here are the tools that you will need to repot your plants:

  1. A snazzy planter. We’ve got you covered with these
  2. A trowel. This will help you add just the right amount of potting mix.
  3. Potting mix to add all those yummy nutrients to make your plant babies grow big and strong.
  4. Scissors to cut any excess roots. 
  5. Gardening gloves to protect your hands. 
  6. Lava rocks for drainage. (optional) 
  7. Small brush for easy clean up.

So now that we have covered the why, let’s repot these plant babies and give them some fresh and nutritious potting mix!

How to Repot your Plants

  1. Ok.. so you’ve  already gently pulled out the plant to inspect the roots. Using your fingers,  gently break up the soil around the roots and remove as much old soil as possible. 
  2. Place the plant gently on its side in your work area.
  3. If the planter does not have adequate drainage, place lava rocks on the bottom.
  4. Fill the larger stylish planter halfway with new indoor potting mix.
  5. Detangle the roots by spreading them gently apart with your fingers.
  6. Trim the roots if they are too long with sharp scissors
  7.  Place the plant in the planter and fill it up with new potting soil. 

That is it! Now your plants should grow stronger and thrive. Great job!

If you are still not completely confident or it is easier for you to learn by seeing, watch this awesome instructional video

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