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International Women's Day: A Few Ladies Worth Celebrating

Happy {Belated} International Women’s Day: Meet 3 Female-Owned Ethical Brands We Love and Support

Last Sunday the world celebrated International Women’s Day, the perfect opportunity to shine the spotlight on the incredible achievements of women who are making the world a better place. Kristin and I want to keep the party going (International Women’s Week, anyone?).

As women in today’s workforce, we recognize that it takes some serious metaphorical balls to embrace our unique identities and present our brave, authentic selves to the business world.  Our successes begin within each one of us as we overcome our individual obstacles, learn from our challenges, and say yes to doing the hard things. 

Here at Holistic Habitat, we can’t help but take every opportunity to honor and support the inspiring women we have the privilege of getting to know through our work. We’re celebrating International Women’s Day this year by sharing about some of our favorite female-owned ethical shops. These women are the real deal, out there in the real world doing the hard stuff, the stuff that matters! We’re grateful for everything they bring to us through their ethical online shops. Read on to learn about their stories and world-changing work.

Alyssa | Hiptipico

Fairtrade Guatemalan online shop specializing in Maya textiles, huipil bags, floral camera straps, and custom textile sourcing tours.

We first met Alyssa, founder ofHiptipico, when we traveled to Guatemala in 2017. If you’ve been hanging out with us for a minute, then you’re probably aware that we donate 15% of our proceeds to educating children in Guatemala. We have Alyssa to thank for that. She’s the one who shared with us how much it costs to educate a child in Guatemala, therefore inspiring the “aha” moment that birthed thegive-back mission we were searching for at Holistic Habitat. It’s the very reason why we do what we do!

While in Guatemala, Alyssa connected us with local artisans and really helped us dig deep with our journey into fair trade. She helped us source some of our first textiles and products that we launched Holistic Habitat with. If you follow her on Instagram (@hiptipico &  @alyssaya), you’ll quickly see that Alyssa is 100% practicing her preach. She’s planted herself deeply in the lives and the community of the artisans she partners with. 

As Alyssa shares inher story online, “At Hiptipico, we do not interfere with the design or production process. All items are created by the artisans themselves. Through this dignified job opportunity, Maya artisans partner with Hiptipico to lift themselves out of poverty while doing something they love.” We really love and admire Alyssa and are so grateful that she’s remained a friend to this day. 

Bethany | The Root Collective

Fairtrade Guatemalan shoes and handbags. 

Local to us here in North Carolina, Bethany’s mission to create positive change by partnering with small, independent workshops in Guatemala caught our attention. After years of working big city marketing jobs that left her feeling empty, she walked away from it all and said “yes” to doing her part in creating a better world. In Bethany’s words, “I had no idea what I was doing. I was in so far over my head that all I could do was pray and hang on.” And don’t we know that feeling well? 

The Root Collective exists to support community jobs and invest in making a real difference in the lives of local artisans. In fact, all Root Collective producers receive 50-400% beyond fair trade wages! Bethany firmly believes that small business has the power to create incredible change in communities through jobs, and we 100% get behind that. One peek at The Root Collective website and we fell completely in love with both the company and the gorgeous products! 

Check this out. If you purchase the beautiful handmade  Blythe boot, you not only vote to support ethically handmade goods, but you also help to fight human trafficking thanks to a partnership with  Dressember. How cool is that? (And with spring just around the corner, you know we’ve got our eye on these must-have  handmade sandals!) I don’t think there’s ever been a better reason to add to our shoe collections. Oh, and don’t forget to follow  The Root Collective on Instagram!

Kirsten | Beyond Borders Collective

Ethically produced blankets crafted by talented and skilled artisans in the highlands of Ecuador.

Last but certainly not least, we have to mention Kirsten at the  Beyond Borders Collective. Thanks to the gram, we became aware of Kirsten and her Ecuadorian husband, Raul, who sell gorgeous fair trade blankets with a Pendleton vibe. They have the most amazing story! Kirsten met Raul while serving in Quito, Ecuador as a missionary from Nebraska. As a couple, they have built their business to help artisans in Raul’s local community. Their entire purpose for the 

Beyond Borders Collective is to do their part in bringing economic stability to indigenous families from the Ecuadorian highlands. 

"Our goal is for everyone to enjoy being wrapped with the idiosyncrasy and richness of the culture, warmth, and soft goodness." And just looking at their selection of soft goodness has me wanting to roll up in one with a good book and a cup of coffee! These blankets offer an instant pop of texture, pattern, and color that has us wondering where we could add another blanket here or there in our own home. Has there ever been an easier way to up the cozy vibe? When it comes to ideas for gifts, I can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t love a beautiful blanket with an equally beautiful purpose.

Thank you ladies for making the world a better place! xo-Rachael

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