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How We Give Back

IT ALL STARTED IN THE SPRING OF 2017 when two Charlotte, NC friends- Kristin Holler and Rachael Daugherty, stood on a rain-soaked porch and realized they wanted something more for their lives and homes. They loved designing spaces but cringed when the products they loved came from companies that didn’t give back in a meaningful way. They could buy shoes, clothing, bags, food - virtually everything they needed from companies that gave back to causes, but they couldn’t find affordable home decor that was as socially conscious as they aspired to be.

AS THEY BUILT THEIR BRAND they headed to Guatemala to source fabrics for custom pillows. While sitting on yet another porch in the lakeside town of Panajachel, Guatemala, they had a conversation that changed everything for Rachael & Kristin. Alyssa, their guide (and new friend), explained that it only costs about $1200.00 USD a year to educate a kid in Guatemala in a private school. At that moment, Rachael and Kristin decided that helping end the cycle of poverty in those communities would be a goal. Since then, they have been able to sponsor 5 Guatemalan kids in private schools continually.

Accreditation. Unlike public schools in Guatemala, private schools are accredited, thus, allowing kids to apply to college at home or abroad.

LANGUAGE (this is huge)
Private schools will educate kids in their native (Mayan) languages- languages that are not spoken anywhere else in the world, & the kids will also receive Spanish and English classes.

ACCESS & SUPPORT Private schools give kids access to computers so they can learn how to become citizens of the global world. They also guarantee two meals a day-something that is a luxury for many.

BACK HOME IN CHARLOTTE Rachael and Kristin grew increasingly concerned with inequalities and problems in their own community and country. From those concerns, they began to grow their philanthropy to causes like dog rescues, Together Rising, The ACLU, and Habitat for Humanity. Currently, they donate 15% of their profit to the education initiative they created and to issues that impact us in the US.

Our goal: GIVE BACK
Giving back is at the core of what we do. Sure, we love pretty spaces that nurture the bodies, minds, and spirits of our families. But, with that, we will never lose sight of the fact that our privileges come with a price, and we need to pay that forward so we may all have our lives affirmed and a cozy spot to call home.

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