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How to get Major Summer Vibes in Your Kitchen

We love summer! The fresh flowers, warm weather, tropical fruits, beach and pool days, barbecues, shorts, tank tops, sun glasses, vacations, weddings, graduations, sandals, and sun dresses makes us feel like life is good. Summer is an entire mood. There are some simple things that you can do to bring that mood into your kitchen.

Change light fixtures 

Light fixtures can add so much style to space. It’s the little details that can anchor, reinforce your style, and upgrade the design of the one room where most families spend their time. There are light fixtures that go with every style. If you like the farmhouse kitchen, go with a rustic or antique light fixture, maybe one with reclaimed wood or patina-finished metal. If  midcentury modern is more your jam, pick a light fixture that makes a statement, maybe one with angled arms and giant globe-like bulbs. If you love luxe and glam, then an elegant chandelier should do the trick. If you are crazy about bohemian like we are, then draped bead or rattan weaved light fixtures are your go-to. But updating your light fixture is a sure way to illuminate your kitchen. 

Freshen up the Paint

Our article about 2021 decor trends talked about the trendy colors for 2021, which included neutrals or bright gem tones. So, if you would like to bring a brand new summer vibe into your kitchen, we suggest painting a wall. This is probably the easiest and most cost-effective way to spice up the room or refresh room. If you want some pizzazz, then add a bright color, if you want a neutral vibe, then a neutral or crisp white will have the room feeling breezy and light. 

Change throw rugs

Changing the throw rug in your kitchen is another small detail that can make a big difference. Pick a kitchen runner that goes with the color scheme. Go for a light and bright color to reinforce that fresh summer vibe. 

Change art

Another simple thing that you can do to your kitchen is to update the art. Choose a wall art piece that goes with the color and overall vibe of your kitchen. 

Change the Faucet

Updating your faucet is also a minor change that can make a major difference. Faucets can get old and cruddy. Although you can clean it, it still may not give your kitchen the fresh look that you are going for. Chose a faucet that goes with the style of your kitchen. You can get a faucet with more angles to go with a modern feel or more curves for a more traditional look. You can choose a different color, such as two-tone faucets, matte black, glossy black, aluminum, or brass. 


Change up the accessories in your kitchen.  Vases are a great way to tell the color story or style.  You can add cutting boards and cookbooks to add height to your backsplash. You can even keep a bowl of colorful fruit in eyes’ view to really make it feel like summertime. Canisters are also a great way to style the kitchen. If you keep your baking spoons in a jar, change it to something light and crisp.

Cabinet makeover

If your cabinets are dark and dreary and covered in grease and debris, cleaning and painting it a summer color can be a cost-efficient solution that can change the feel of your kitchen. Check out this tutorialon how to paint your own kitchen cabinets in a weekend! You will be SHOCKED at how easy it is with the right kind of paint. You don't even need to take the cabinet doors off. 


Changing out the flowers to fresh flower, or realistic-looking fake ones that say “hello summer” is also another way that you can bring summertime vibes into your kitchen. It also doesn’t have to be flowers; adding greenery or even a singular large leaf to a vase can also add an exquisite light and airy summer feel to the kitchen. 

Refresh your kitchen area

Are the tables, chairs, and or stools in your kitchen nook outdated, chipped, or clashing against the airy feel that you are going for? Update them. This doesn’t mean that you have to buy a whole new set. There are countless videos on Youtube where creators show step by step how they updated their tables and chairs to go with their color story or just to be a little more updated. If your nook area has cushions, change them to go with the new kitchen look.  

Change out textiles

Get new kitchen towels that are clean and go with the light and airy feel that you are trying to create.


Another way to completely change up your kitchen for summer is to change the backsplash. If the process of tiling backsplash seems too expensive or daunting for you to DIY, go with peel and stick backsplash. I know, I know, stickers for your backsplash sounds incredibly tacky.   I was kind of nervous at first, but a couple of hundred Youtube videos later and I’m sold. They are easy to apply, affordable, and they’re easy to change if you ever want a different look in the future or if you’re renting. 


Update Stations

If you have a bar, coffee station, or baking station in your kitchen, update those as well by bringing light and airy colors, maybe even replacing some pieces with ones that go with your summer vibe. 

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