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How Influencers are Styling their Holistic Habitats

How Influencers are Styling their Holistic Habitats

We get to work with some of the best and most creative influencers out there! When we collaborate with these ladies we become better designers ourselves.

Today we're celebrating a few of those collaborations and showing how they use our products in their homes!

One of our favorite parts of Instagram has been forming relationships with these boss ladies and learning so much from them that we honestly feel like we've known them for years. If you're not following any or all of these bright women, what are you waiting for? Get them in your feed and stories and you won't be disappointed! 

Undecorated Home Funnel Pot


Megan was one of our first followers and she has been a cheerleader for us since the beginning. We value her friendship and her ninja styling skills. Check out how she used our Large Funnel Pot on her front porch and then added our Table Top Funnel Pot Trio in our featured photo at the top. She has incredible taste and she has a mini farm that's so much fun to watch in her stories! 

Sgardner Style and Small Funnel Pot


Check out how Shavonda used our Small Natural and White Terra Cotta Funnel Planter with those vintage monkeys! Gah! Sooooo good...If you want to really learn some interesting and hilarious stuff like who uses washcloths and why watch Shavonda's stories. She not only has the most engaged audience of amusing followers, but she also takes you out shopping and shows you her tips and tricks for designing on a budget with HUGE visual impacts. Expand your horizons with her focus on small space living and boho vibes over on her blog SG Style

Blissfully Eclectic and Autumn Wall Hanging


Have you met Jen? If not, you're SERIOUSLY missing out. Not only is she an innovative designer but she's probably one of the kindest people we have ever "insta-met". She takes you along on her journey of styling her stunning home in Indiana while raising her beautiful family. You'll learn her tips and tricks for DIY on a budget and how to really max out your boho eclectic style.  Here she's used our Autumn Rust & Natural Tasseled Wall Hanging to its full and glorious potential.