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Home Decor Spring Trends for 2021

2020 has changed the way that we have viewed our homes. It’s no longer just a place where we lay our heads at night. Organization is not optional and now more than ever, home decor is essential to creating an environment where we can focus, teach, eat, play, and relax. This change to the role of our homes has contributed to the interior design trends of this season. 

Earth Tones

Just scroll through Instagram and Pinterest and you’ll notice that there is an emphasis on earth tones. Both vibrant and muted tones of blues, greens, yellows, and browns reflect the colors of the sky, ocean, rivers, sunrises, sunsets, and plants and trees.  There is a lot of flexibility with this color pallet where you can go more neutral with off whites, muted colors, and wood tones. Or you can make a dramatic statement with a  splash of bold jewel tones to walls, art, throw pillows, or pieces of furniture. Either way, we love it.

Natural Fibers

Going hand in hand with earth tones is a return to natural fibers such as cotton and wool. Designers are trading in their synthetic blankets, towels, throws, bedsheets for real natural fibers. These items add a new level of comfort which we desperately need after the year that we have just experienced. This  Sophie blanket is made of soft Turkish cotton and is in neutral colors which makes it perfect for snuggling and adds that on-trend detail to your bedroom or living room. 


This return to nature can also be expressed in Cottagecore decor. It’s a very romanticized view of a simple life that is very much intertwined with nature. If wildflowers, baking, crafting, outdoor picnics, embroidery, dancing in a field makes you feel like you are whimsically floating on cloud 9, then more than likely you like the Cottagecore aesthetic. Here are some pieces  that you can add to your decor to give it that Cottagecore romantic vibes:

  1. Woven baskets, like the kind that you would take on a picnic.
  2. Wildflowers. Get creative, it doesn't have to be in a vase. You can purchase or make wildflower wall art too.
  3. Antique mirrors are a unique statement that adds so much detail to any room. 
  4. Pillar or tapered candles. How does it get more romantic than that?
  5. Plants. This style is all about nature, so bringing some nature inside is right on-trend. This woven basket is a perfect home for your bigger indoor plants and is very Cottagecore.  
  6. Vines. Dangle vines along the walls and over the windows and you will feel as if you have been whisked away into a fairytale. 


Grandmillennial is a nod to the traditional style that has never really gone away but has now become more popular thanks to social media. Some think that this trend is on its way up in popularity because it feels so homey, kind of what you would see at your grandmother’s house. It’s a reminder of the “good ol’ days” when we were able to meet with family and friends. 

  1. Floral prints are pretty predominant whether it’s on the drapes, wallpaper, or furniture.
  2. Ruffles and  furniture skirts are in full swing.
  3. And one cannot forget embroidered items such as  throw pillows and table cloths.
  4. Antique items really add character and personality to this style. A vintage radio, china set, teacups, a traditional style vase with flowers all add unique beauty.
  5. Bright colors, crisps whites, and modest use of monochromatic patterns separate it from being too granny.
Even if it isn't your style, you must admit that there is something very charming about it. Dinner parties seem to have extra class.  Be careful not to go too crazy or else your space may look cluttered and in disarray. For inspiration check out  this Instagram page, and also check out our vintage collection to add the perfect piece to your Grandmillenial design. 


Japandi is a mix of Japanese style and Scandavian Hygge.  Hygge is all about cozy comforts. Plush rugs, robes, and slippers, warm tea, and comfort food. Things that make you feel warm and fuzzy inside and out. Japanese lends its minimalist style and “wabi sabi” which is an appreciation of imperfection. Japandi is the fusion of both of these styles creating a beautiful marriage of cozy, tranquil, earthy, sustainable spaces with a lot of negative space.  Here are some things that you can include if you want to add some Japandi to your space.

  1. Look for reclaimed or handmade pieces. This  breadboard shelf has serious Japandi vibes.
  2. Use natural materials like wood,  stone, living finish metals that will rust and age nicely with time.
  3. Add  potted plants to the mix.
  4. And don’t forget  hanging plants.
  5. Earth tone color pallet.
  6. And remember, less is more. 

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