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Holiday Gift Guide: How to shop for the people on YOUR List

It's that time again... we have barely made it through Halloween and everywhere you go it looks like Christmas. Retail stores have a keen way of inducing Holiday stress in the middle of October. The pressure of gift season can be daunting and can leave you feeling emotionally and financially tapped out. So, in a world driven by consumerism, how do we avoid it?

I know we all want to keep up with the Jones' (or the Kardashians), but let's keep it real. While my daughter would love an iPad for Christmas...I have to ask myself a few things: 

A) Do we wanto to spend $500 on one Christmas present? Will the expense leave us financially stressed?

B) Do I really want to encourage more screen time?

C) Can she even handle that responsibility at 8 years old?

When the answer to any or all of these questions comes back as a "NO", I move on. 

I've learned that part of being a parent, or just an adult in general, is being able to say no to preserve my serenity.

Of course we want to be able to give our loved ones the world, but let's not do it at the cost of our comfort.

Let's get focused! Make a Plan & Set a budget:

Who is on your gift list this year? Set a monetary budget for each person on your list. This will help you see the trees from the forest when you're planning out your paychecks from now until Chrismahanakwanzika.

Choosing the right gifts that stay inbudget:

We care about the people on our lists so we naturally care about the gifts we give them. This is the tricky part. Let's think about them for a minute. What do they want, what do they need, what will bring them joy? Take the first thing that popped into your head and begin your search! Remember, staying in budget is key, so compare prices. The google machine makes this easy! most companies run sales thus time of year so weigh your options before you buy!

Feeling stuck: 

Holiday gift guides can be helpful. Let someone else curate gift ideas for you. Plenty of small shops offer pre-curated collections to give you inspiration! This includes US!!! We have over 150 sweet ideas for all your gift giving needs that will even help you stay on budget! See our "Gifts Under $50" Collection: 


What about the people on your list that you barely know? Is it possible to get them something they'll love! For sure! 

Keep it simple: 

Think gift cards, paper goods, generic gifty items are not so generic. 

Gift cards to your local coffee shop are almost always a winner. Go a step further and try to find out where they like to shop. No time for that? Introduce them to your favorite shop! 

Generic but not so generic gifts:

If you want to give a gift that says "I really made an effort" think about some generic gift items; ie: candles, throws, wallets, clutches, paper products, flowers... but take it a step further. Shopping with small businesses makes this easy! You can find some amazing handmade treasures that fit into the generic gift category but are far from generic! 



While it's easy to get bogged down in holiday shopping, try to remember that as cheesy and cliche as it sounds, it truly is the thought that counts so stay thoughtful and stay on BUDGET and you're golden! 

If you're feeling stuck, we'd love to help! Reach out to us at customerservice@holistichabitatclt.com or in the comments below! We are happy to provide assistance if you are struggling with finding the perfect gift for your people! If we don't have it, we may even be able to tell you who does. Happy Holidays y'all!


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November 23, 2018

Love all of your tips and tricks. Especially the ones about budgeting!

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