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We are drawn to the things that fill our needs whether it be subconsciously or consciously. When we decorate our homes, we want them to be not only comfortable but an expression of who we are. It makes sense that Kristin and I are drawn to natural elements like wood, terracotta, handwoven textiles & the ever obvious (86 and counting) plants in our own homes. As two people who feel most grounded in nature, these organic elements used in design add warmth and texture to our spaces and evoke the same sense of comfort we feel when we go for a walk on the greenway, hike a mountain, or watch an owl family living in our backyard. 


If you take a look at our product selections, you will find these natural elements as a running theme throughout the shop. 


The cool thing about design is that can change on a whim, and believe me, we have a LOT of whims. We start with our staple furniture. You know, the investment stuff. The things we will want and need to live with for longer than a season. We'll never tire of the Sven Sofa from Article. In fact, we both have it in our homes.


From there we allow ourselves flexibility in the accessories. Last year I needed black & white everything. I added pops of terracotta, green (from the masses of plants) and wood because those are always a constant. But here’s the thing I’ve learned about myself, I need WARMTH as soon as the first leaf falls from the trees in my backyard. I crave rust and mustard and warmer shades of green as soon as the leaves reflect these tones. Isn’t it interesting that the colors of the leaves in the fall inspire the most popular colors in Autumn designs, fashion, and even the food that we eat?


We let the seasons inspire us. We bring in warmth when the temperatures cool & we keep our forever staples always in play; wood, terracotta, plants. These elements keep our space grounded all while remaining sustainably sourced ethically made. 


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